Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Belated Conference

October 13, 2014

Happy Belated Conference

Ok, transfers were on Tuesday.  It was pretty funny.  President Archibald played a practical joke on the assistants.  The transfer board he showed us in the morning on Monday showed that one of the assistants was getting transferred, which was true, but showed the incorrect place he was going, as well as the replacement assistant.  President told me the real transfers to me and had me present the PowerPoint during the transfers meeting, something the assistants normally did.  It was pretty funny.  He got them pretty good.

Loved conference!  I'm sure you all have already forgotten that it ever happened, but I loved seeing it this weekend.  Let me just say, it was absolutely beautiful hearing native Spanish on the pulpit.  It was strange, because I'm not even a native Spanish speaker, but when he started speaking and there was no dubbed translation, I just started looking around and smiled.  It was a feeling of importance, feeling like the Lord hasn't forgotten us.  It was absolutely beautiful.  But, of course, when his talk ended, Elder Feller and I calmly left the sacrament meeting room and then ran upstairs to hear Elder Holland's talk in English.  Hey, we needed the whole experience.

Also, forgot to tell you, but just a funny note from conference, I was acting a little childish during the afternoon session on Sunday, because a few people didn’t show up.  So it was that weird grumpy feeling at conference that only a full-time missionary can experience, and then out of nowhere, we were forced to sing "Count your Blessings."  I laughed right out loud.  Great conference.

Also, loved the Peanuts endorsement during priesthood session.  Classic.

I'll just explain a little bit more about Roberto, Doris, and Gonzalo Garnique.  We've been trying our hardest to stay in personal contact on a daily basis with them.  They didn't make it to conference this week for some unforeseen problems, but we told them yesterday that to make up for not coming, they have to watch one talk per day with us in their little copy shop.  We saw president Uchtdorf's talk yesterday, and even Gonzalo dropped his phone at the end and started watching.  Gonzalo might end up being the difficult one, which is weird, being the 15-year-old son.  They are really people that are just ready.  Even though our meeting seems like it may have been coincidence, you must admit that it's a little strange that when I went to save Roberto's number this week, I saw on my phone that it was an old contact from one of the previous missionaries here that taught him just once or twice a long time ago.  They are going to get baptized, I know it.

I was going to write more, but Elder Feller just now informed me that his father just died.  Please pray for him.


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