Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Right When You Feel Like Quitting

September 29, 2014

We had another great week.  Only had one day this week with this emergency email that came in, saying that the area has no record of the mission's historical report for 2013 and that the area presidency needs it RIGHT NOW.  I made the announcement in the office right there that we were going to eat at the Telepizza buffet for lunch.  14 slices of pizza later and I calmed right down.  Then it really wasn't that bad.  It was like studying for a pretty easy final.  We only got 1 hour of proselyting in that day, but I did learn that I can write pretty good essays in Spanish.

But really, that was the only out of the ordinary thing.  When something weird like that doesn't happen, we have time to proselyte every day from 4 o’clock on.  That includes us doing our studies, district meetings, weekly planning and so on, so that's really not too much time we end up losing.

(Does it seem like Elder Johnson has an effect on the other elders?  Except for the elder at far right.)

We have been working pretty hard to get this area on its feet.  Aside from Jean, the area really didn't have any investigators, and has had as well a surprising lack of baptisms compared to the rest of Lima. (Outside of Lima is a different story altogether, with its whole set of advantages and disadvantages.  As for me, I'd take Lima.)  We have done some new silly ways to contact, including the latest, which is a door-to-door religious survey.  We ask them 3 questions:  Did you know that Jesus Christ visited the Americas, did you know that there are prophets and apostles today, and did you know that your family can be eternal?  Then, you get a candy for participating.  That was a good one.  

One day when tracting, we found this guy named Claude, who is one of the few Peruvians I have ever met that has a smoking problem.  Anyway, he likes to read and is going to read the Book of Mormon.  In the meantime, I started a diet for him, just to see if I could give up my addictions to help him.  The diet is to not buy food between meals, so Telepizza buffet is fair game.

Honestly, we got up til Saturday and when our many appointments starting falling through, I started to feel a little disappointed.  But then we went and had our first lesson with Angelica, who went to church with a member the week before.  She is ready.  She has listened to the missionaries before, but now she says that she really wants to try it out now.  She has a date for the 25th, and we have another appointment tonight.  It's funny sometimes how we work and fight all week to get something, and on Saturday night, right when you think no one new is going to progress this week, the Lord gives us a softball.

As for me, I will honestly tell you that I love it here.  I love you guys a lot, but I honestly don't like the idea of ending my mission.  I actually was on my bed one night, very sad that my mission isn't going to last that much longer.  I really love doing this, and I feel like something's really changed.

Having a good time.  Love you all and whatever.

Elder Johnson

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