Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Baptism of the Week

September 15, 2014

I'm glad to hear everything is going well and that dad is onto another get-rich-quick scheme.  Haha just kidding. You can delete that if you want to.

We are having a good time here.  We didn't have a baptism this week, at least in our area.  But, we did have one in Argentina.  Elder Feller's mom got baptized on Saturday!  He was super happy, and we were just now seeing some photos.

As for the offices, I'm getting used to everything and we are able to get a lot done proselyting too.  In the office, I just finished a spreadsheet for each area in the mission to use in ward council to track the progress of new converts.  It felt nice being able to get that done, not to mention that I finally understand what F4 does.  I know, I'm a genius.

Doing those things in the office makes me grateful for the time we have to proselyte.  Once I get to the point where I'm copying and pasting til 4pm, I feel like I'm turning into Quasimodo in my spinny chair.  So yeah, I feel like we're making good use of the time we have.

Oh, that's right, maybe I can fill you all in.  Jean is this eternal investigator that is going to get baptized on Saturday, and it looks like the ward mission leader will be able to baptize him.  We live in a neighborhood called Covida, which is a relatively well off place.  We have been working hard in Covida with little results up til now. This week we started working a small hill called Mercurio, which at first we were reluctant to work in because it's a little bit farther from the chapel, and hills generally have a history of couples living together without getting married.  Well, we found some really good people there.  Yesterday, we felt like we should keep going farther and farther in, and the place we tracted is fantastic.  Yesterday we found a married family, which was a very promising sign for us about the area.  Tracting is a lot better in Mercurio than Covida as well, so we are going to contact that place to death this week.  We are excited.

Another nice thing I saw was when I was working on the recent convert spreadsheets for the mission.  I saw the names of the converts in Paramonga, which is one of my old areas.  I honestly left that area feeling like I didn't do much to help that branch, but then I saw the names of the newest converts:  Juan Zuñiga and his wife. When I saw the name, I couldn't remember who it was, but then it came to me:  we taught him for the first time the Sunday before I got transferred.  We all likely will have the opportunity to do much good in this world without ever realizing the great work we are doing.

Anyway, love you all!  Make good choices.

Elder Johnson

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