Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Johnson, the Inactive

October 6, 2014

Well, I hope you all enjoyed conference, because there's something I forgot to tell all of you:  I didn't see conference.  Yesterday was voting day in Peru, so we couldn't have church meetings.  President told us that we should watch conference for the first time next week with our investigators, so that will just kill me this week in the offices.  I did hear about that, though, about the general authorities speaking in their native languages.  That'll be fun to see.  Those seventies are powerhouses in their native tongue, like whenever Elder Uceda [Juan Uceda of the Seventy] speaks here.  But yeah, it was really weird studying and street contacting on Sunday morning.  It was like, oh, this is what the rest of Peru does on Sunday morning.  I'd honestly never seen it til now.

We are really happy with how the week turned out.  I'm not sure if I had mentioned this before, but about a week or two ago, we found a man named Roberto while buying a sketchbook to do street caricatures.  We mostly just talked and laughed with him.  Afterwards, my companion realized that he left his Book of Mormon there.  The next day when we passed my, Roberto gave it back and we told him that if he wanted, he could have one for his own.  He surprised us saying that he already owned one.  He was taught once or twice by the missionaries in January, but never again.  Anyway, this week we were able to teach the whole family.  I won't get into details on the lesson, but he told us that his oldest son died in January from Leukemia.  It was one of the sweetest experiences I've ever had to be able to explain to them about eternal families.  Perhaps the sweetest.  It's just something I won't be able to describe well, so I won't.  But it was nice.

We also are going to teach a man that lived in Virginia for about 8 years and speaks great English.  My companion speaks great English as well, so we just hit it off on the street.  We have an appointment for today, so we'll see if we can talk to him and his 14-year-old son.

So, there we go.  Transfers are tomorrow, so I sure hope I don't mess up that PowerPoint.  I can barely make it not telling absolutely the whole world where everyone is being transferred to.  But, I'm staying with Elder Feller. That's the important part for me.  And, if anyone is making the list for people to pray for, go for Angelica, the Garnique family, Ricardo, and the Rojas family.

Glad to know everything is going well.  Love you!

Elder Johnson

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