Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dalton - 3/26/13 email

Spencer’s Engaged?

I'm glad things are going well for y'all up in the snooty northern hemisphere.  And hey, I'm glad that Davi is doing well.  I asked the CCM president (President Cardon) about if Davi was coming a few weeks ago, and he mentioned to me that his niece or something didn't get her visa in time to come down here either.  She's probably in Davi's district.  But whatevs.  Hope you're having fun, Davi!

Spencer's and Rachel's DearElder got here on Thursday, which was just in time for me to lose my awe-inspiring mantle of authority as district leader, which mostly consisted of me choosing hymns and occasionally carrying a binder.  So thanks--I still got them to learn some respect.

Went proselyting on Saturday.  My companion was Elder Duarte, who is from Paraguay and mentioned during the proselyting that Peruvians speak too fast and he can hardly understand them.  I mostly just thought, "That's very observant of you, elder.  I didn't notice until now that these peoples mouths move several times as fast as the speed of sound."  It was cool, though, and I liked him.  A teacher was with us for part of the time, and taught us a good lesson after we taught the restoration to some people.  He said something to the effect of: "You taught the restoration, but you two did not teach those people.  Change your focus."  I don't plan on forgetting that lesson any time soon.

One more thing before I get kicked off:  I now have two companions.  Elder Gray, who is from Australia, was supposed to leave for the field today, but hurt his knee playing soccer and will be here for two more weeks.  I love the kid and feel bad, but at least he doesn't have to go home.  I told him that I'm basically learning two languages now.  Also, I'm pretty sure every female on this continent is desperately in love with him.  Just my estimate.

Love you all!  I love it here and the Spirit  is so strong, but I need to get off exactly now.

Elder Johnson

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