Monday, March 11, 2013

Elder Johnson's First Email from the Peru CCM

¡Buenas martes!  (3-5-13)

Hey, to answer your p-day question, it is today.  As an item of ward business, I would like to announce that no packages should ever ever ever be sent to the CCM, as I would then have to be a contestant on ABCs hit show "Wipeout" in order to get it.
I'm hoping everything is going well for y'all, because I am doing just dandy right here.  I love my district.  All three elders in it are from Mesa and are going to Lima West.  Elder Cody is my companion, and the other Mesa kids in our room/district are Elders Arnett and Norton.  Cool kids.  Our two Latino roommates, Elder Rodriguez and Elder Cruz, don't speak a lot of English, but are absolutely hilarious.  I'm also glad now that Spencer expanded my vocabulary at home, because I was able to answer Elder Cruz's question of his soul:  "¿Elder Johnson, como se dice pedo en ingles?"

Teaching is fun, in English, at least.  I'm not too worried about language either, since I've pretty much gotten over the fear of not having any idea of what's being said here.  I'm excited to go on splits.  I hear that happens every other Saturday and we all go with the Lima Central missionaries.

Davi, I don't mean to sound too salty, but get your bottom dollar down here!  You'll love it, and we would actually see each other on a daily basis, since there are only 130 missionaries here, and probably 40 white people.  But, you'll go where you're supposed to go, and the church is true, etc.  Oh, also, there is an Elder Stanley going to Piura.  You will remember this easily, because he looks remarkably like a Yelnats from Holes.

If you send mail to the CCM, only send it via pouch.  I don't remember the address, but you could find it out online.  As for other administrative questions on the subject, I will refer you to my companion, Elder Google.
I'm honestly not homesick a single bit, but it's fine to tell people that I am if it gets more girls to write me.

Seriously, the Spirit is so strong here.  I love it.  I don't get it when people complain about being here.  Love it, love you all, but I hate suits.  If I had the choice of someone putting a gun to my head and a suit jacket to my head, I would take the gun.

Elder Johnson

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