Thursday, March 21, 2013

Davi's first email (3-20-13)

I'm assuming I didn't get an email this week because I didn't have an email address....

I sure do love you guys!  I am not homesick at all, but like, you can still write me if you want. 

I love it here.  SO much.  The learning that can take place here is better than I could have imagined.  It's like Heavenly Father lets you use more of the percentage of your brain that goes unused or something.  Because I'm soaking in so much more from everything!  I have been writing in my journal nonstop.  My district either thinks I am an overachiever or that I'm just doodling all the time.  Not only are the best teachers in the world at the MTC, and we get General Authorities to listen to all the time, and you are surrounded by people who love the Gospel, but then the Spirit is so intense too.  So as Elder Whiting of the Seventy put it last night, we are in this incubator.  An environment created for optimum learning and growth.  It's so true.  Dad, Elder Whiting said something I think you'd like - "If you are worthily on the errand of the Lord, and you act on a thought, the Lord will consecrate that action for your benefit and the benefit of those around you."  It made me think of my Daddy :)  Also, I have quoted your infamous quote a few times.  But I give you the due credit, not just "some General Authority."  

My district is so great.  There's eight of us--four Hermanas, four Elders--and they are so dear.  We are all going to Peru, and none of us got our visas in time.  My companion is teaching me so much (in the good way, not the "I'm learning how to live with difficult people" way).  She is one of the best scriptorians I've ever met, and she teaches so humbly.  

We have an investigator, who will become our teacher soon.  Maybe we aren't supposed to know that.  Two days in, we had to teach a lesson in Spanish to this person pretending to be a non-member.  He's pretty convincing.  I am learning so much more about how the Spirit works.  And guess what --The Spirit is stronger than my weaknesses.  The Spirit doesn't need perfect Spanish -- it needs a worthy, prayerful, willing, loving, humble heart.  

Heavenly Father is the best.  He loves me.  He adores us each in such a special way.  
I love being here.  I am so glad I get to be here.  It's like, the most natural thing in the world.  Of course I am here!  It's the hugest blessing ever.  

With love for you, for this Gospel, and for the Lord, 
Hermana Johnson

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