Thursday, March 21, 2013

Die-uh-ree-uh! (3-12-13)

This week was awesome.  I think I'm at least mostly adjusted to the different strains of bacteria in the food here.  At least it doesn't feel like my stomach is hosting the Manhattan Project anymore.  In fact, I think it was a blessing anyway, since both my companion and I getting sick turned out to be some of the best bonding time yet with him.  Besides, it's hilarious!

Hey, Camille Mathis is going to Trujillo?  Tell her that I met Hermana Ayer, who apparently sold Camille her contract, and Hermana Childers, who she has not met yet but is also going to Trujillo and probably thinks I am the best district leader she has had yet.

I went for real proselyting on Saturday!  It happens every other Saturday down here, where one Latino kid from the CCM is paired with one drooling white kid and dropped off for a few hours.  It was actually really cool.  Elder Merino will be a great missionary, and I know how to bear testimony of the Book of Mormon.  He's the Robin to my Batman, really.  Seriously though, it was so cool to see how willing these people are to find out the truth.  One discussion with Lucy went especially well.  She prayed at the end and agreed to come to church.  It was interesting to see that I understood enough of the discussions in order to help teach it, but I honestly couldn't understand a single word from that elder's mouth between visits.  At first, I would ask "como?" during the pauses where he asked me to respond, but then I started to answer with "si."  Oh, also, he is from Piura, which he says is called "the city of eternal heat."  I'm sure you'll have a fun time anyway, Davi.

Ok, pouch is just an envelope with a max of two sheets of paper that is sent to Provo, then redirected here.  I don't know for sure after that, but post it on my facebook so that every female I know is aware of it, ok Spencer?  I need to teach my district some humility, which would be taught by me getting more mail.

Anyway, I have three minutes, according to this computer's bomb timer.  I better get off before this room explodes.  I love you guys, but don't think I'm a sweaty trunky mess for a minute.  I love it here, and I'll love it more in the field.  Bye Bye!

Oh yeah, have fun in Provo, Davi!  HAHAHAHAHA
Jk.  Really, have fun
Elder Johnson

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