Thursday, March 21, 2013

Davi's 2nd letter (also rec'd 3-18)

Ok, to go into more depth:  We are teaching Eduardo en Español hoy, in the afternoon.  It will be fun… haha. 

My companion really is so sweet, and like as shy/quiet as they come.  She is awesome, though, and is teaching me a ton.  I need to learn how to wait and let someone else do things. 

One of the counselors in the Branch Presidency is Molly Cocanour’s uncle.  Weird.  He is actually way sweet.  And all bubbly.

I LOVE IT HERE!  In all honesty, the first couple days were kinda hard.  But I love it more and more every second.  Like, a lot.  Oh, it is so great.  I’M A MISSIONARY!

I get to be taught by the Spirit all the time!  It’s my full-time job!  It’s so neato!  I am coming to the realization of my role more, and it’s so exciting!  To come to understand the Spirit more is one of the coolest things to learn.  I mean, in ways I didn’t know, or couldn’t have guessed.  And as I admit my issues and faltas, I get the answers.  Being able to give the Spirit opportunities to teach me is so worth the humbling experiences.

I LOVE THE LORD!  AND HIS GOSPEL!  Because it is how to come to Him. 

Thanks for being the best and super supportive!

Love you!
Hermana Johnson

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