Thursday, March 21, 2013

Still Here! (3-19-13)

Ok, first things first.  Don´t worry about the diarrhea.  It just comes in waves, that´s all.  You just need to pray for the gift of discernment when passing gas.  At least Elder Moore should have.  Whatever.  Garments are cheaper here.

Ok, second things second.  I got a cheapo (pronounced CHEEP-oh) watch, so I will be fine.

Davi´s gone!  Bout time the little birdie flew away.  If it makes her feel any better, no sisters got their visas in on time in this shipment, so she wouldn´t have had a companion anyway.  Still, though, the poor dear is still in the wrong hemisphere.

What else?  Food is actually really good here, except for the occasional danger of "farping" (copyright Elder Cody).  Also, in more serious news, Elder Nash of the Seventy was here Sunday.  It was good.

Just attached a picture of my district, as far as I know.

I´m glad to know that things are going well.  Things are going great for me.  The Spirit is strong and the language is coming faster than I would believe, even though when a native speaks as fast as they humanly can to me, I still have that drooly face Spencer would accurately accuse me of having when he would catch me on that chair.  Ask him to do it.  [We did ask Spencer, and he showed us a very accurate rendition.]

Love you all!

Elder Johnson (It´s Dalton)

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