Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dalton - ¿Por que los trunkazos siempre comen en las Chifas?

¿Por que los trunkazos siempre comen en las Chifas? 
--Porque a ellos les gusta el aeropuerto!

[Joke translation:  Why do super trunky missionaries always eat at the Chinese restaurants?
Because they like the airport—also means they like the fried rice/chow mein dish.]

And boom goes the dynamite!  Ok, that one is a little more specific to Peru.  Chifa is the name here for Chinese restaurant, aeropuerto is one of the dishes at Chifas here (something in between fried rice and chow mein), and trunkazo means super trunky.  Oh yeah, and trunky means you’re a missionary that wants to go home.  So, if you ever find a returned missionary from Lima, you're welcome for that one.

Hey, Leoncio, Pamela, and Axel all got baptized this week!  I'll see if I can upload pictures of it, porque me da lots of flojera, that whole uploading thing.  [Flojera means weakness.]

Nope, I spent a good 30 seconds looking for a USB port.  I give up.

Anyway, the baptism.  We were really worried about baptizing Leoncio, because the font we use only has wet-your-pants cold water.  (I don’t use that language figuratively.)  Leoncio is a rather delicate 70-year-old man.  I thought we were going to kill the poor man.  In the end, we decided to pray so that he wouldn’t feel the cold.  He didn’t feel it.  Our other two baptisms each took about 5 minutes just to get into the cold water, but Leoncio told us afterwards that he thought the water was going to be cold, but that it was actually really warm.  Prayers go answered, because even quiet old Leoncio isn’t forgotten.

We also found a man named Maximo whose wife passed away two months ago and who cried in learning the Plan of Salvation.  That was a sweet time, even though I messed up a little bit on the Spanish.  He told us about some people that pray to calaberas, or corpses.  In reply, I accidentally said that we shouldn’t pray to calabazas (pumpkins) to receive miracles.  One of those nuggets of truth you just don’t always get the chance to teach to people.

Anyway, I’m doing well.  It’s a good time, this whole mission thing.

Elder Johnson 

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