Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Davi - 9/30/13 email

“Less Noble than Saving Souls” goals

Some good (on the good/better/ best scale) goals that have been reached this week: 
1.  This kid of 11 in the ward, after conversing with him for a bit, asked me if I was from Argentina.  Yes!
2.  I think I killed about 300 mosquitoes last week, helping me with my goal of noticeably reducing the mosquito population in Piura.  
3.  I can officially eat/drink papaya without gagging.
4.  Found the only atheist in Latin America.
5.  Started a house fire.  

Ok, but really, this week was awesome.  Loved it!  We had this lesson with Jose Felipe, father of Karen and Sonia and grandfather of Ana Lucia (my girl) that was so cool.  The power went out, so it was by candlelight. Really set a cool mood, because the rest of the lesson felt like something from when the church was first restored.  He was pretty closed to it all at first, but after some time talking to his daughters apparently, he totally changed.  His daughter Sonia, when we first came in, was like, tell him about Jose!  So we read parts of Joseph Smith-History together, and the Spirit was so there.  That family is killer awesome.  It all started with Ana Lucia--we started talking to Karen because Ana Lucia was outside and waving to us.  And Karen has this heart that is among the sweetest I have ever felt.  She came to church on Sunday, and just belonged there.  She was like, Next week the prophet is speaking to us?!!  What time will you come get me?

Bertha decided on a date too!!  So cool.  Because she is living with someone and drinks a fair amount, and she wouldn't let her daughter get baptized without her.  So this is huge.  For December, but hey, not bad!

My comp goes home in a week.  So weird.  

Speaking of the Atheist, we had a killer lesson with him.  He teaches at the university, and his name is Cezar. He had all of these history and political questions about the Book of Mormon that I didn’t understand, but the member that was my comp didn't either.  And he kept interrupting, so for the first time since being here the Spirit wanted me to be bold and a little harsh.  Oh, it felt good.  And it was incredible the change that took place in him.  So excited to see what happens when he reads the Book of Mormon.

I looooved the Relief Society broadcast tambien.  Everything was so spot on.  The missionary choir singing I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go.  Killer.  I was bawling.  My roomie Katie was in the choir!!  That was cool to see her. 

I love the work here.  I love just loving all the time.  What I think I love most, especially in this time of not really having footing as far as not understanding the language and culture superbly still, is that I get to see so clearly who Christ is to me.  Man.  I just love being with my best friend all the time.  Because this is His work.  He will always be in the vineyard.  So we choose to be with Him when we choose to be in the vineyard too.  Being with Christ all the time and helping others see how much better this life is.  Helping them choose happiness through their best friend too.  

So Mom, can you send me a power converter of some kind?  And if you are going to send me a package anyway, if you wanted to throw sunflower seeds and crunchy PB and cute accessories in there too, like, I mean, that wouldn't make me sad or angry or feel anything negative.  

I love being a missionary with my whole heart!  More than anything, I love being with my best friend all the time, and seeing how His love changes people and brings so much happiness.  It’s super true.

Love you!!!!
Hermana J

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