Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dalton - 9/30/13 email

Hello, Prolima!

Hey, so it turns out that I'll be in my first area for another transfer.  Good times, Prolima.

Raquel and her daughter Katti got confirmed yesterday!  I have the picture now, because a week ago, they were only halfway baptized.  Also, only my companion took pictures of Angelo's baptism, but I have another picture of the Vilca family.  [Dalton downloaded two photos, but they wouldn’t open.  Sorry, fans!] I know that only Angelo (the youngest in the picture) got baptized, but I still consider them my best converts.

Saturday was crazy.  We had one person that needed another baptismal interview, and our district leader told us on Friday that no one would be able to do it until the following week.  However, on Saturday morning, we were told that the interview could get done that same morning.  We started freaking out, because our candidate had already left to work.  One problem, he works by going around the whole sector on a bike looking for things to recycle.  We went crazy looking for our baptism.  We didn’t find him that day, but it was still an adventure.  And hey, he was at church still!

We have one family that we are finally going to really follow up on.  We found this family the beginning of my mission, but they aren’t married and weren’t progressing, so we dropped them.  Elder Bulacio comes around and the family finds us on the street and said how much they've missed our visits.  We taught them again then dropped them because they weren’t progressing.  Elder Sarria comes around and we find them again.  Lucy even told us this time that she had been reading the Book of Mormon and praying for us to come back.  They told us this week that they believe everything and want to get married.  They are coming to church.  There is only one problem:  The bank will deny Idelson (the almost husband) a loan to buy a house if it shows that he’s married.  It’s a challenge, but we are so excited for a miracle with them.  The daughter even asked us when she can get baptized, but we're gonna wait on it.  Keep Lucy and Idelson in your prayers.

Yeah, so that's what’s going on.  I’m not ruling out the idea of spending my whole mission here.  I’d be a legend. Brace yourselves!

Elder Johnson

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