Monday, October 21, 2013

Davi - How Did J.K. Rowling Make it into this Email?


Hola, y’all!

This week.  Phew.  It was awesome.  Things are starting to change.  I am a huge believer in working with members.  It’s like, I just want to get as many people as possible involved in this work!  Because it’s the best!

My comp is great.  She’s a super hard worker and extremely straight-laced, but loosens up when you put chifles in front of her.  I am extremely grateful for her.

Spanish is coming, y’all!  But like, sometimes I hate it.

The guy that one of our investigators is living with—who has wanted nothing to do with us at all—is now going to take the lessons too :)

And the husband of another investigator is also finally going to listen to us.  We have FHE with them tonight, and I am stoked.  Pray for us, because this is a game-changer for Katherine and her whole extended family.

A few days ago we were walking, and someone waved to us from a window, and he looked vaguely familiar. So we went up to the window and knocked, but no one was there anymore.  So we left after a minute and were talking to someone else as we were looking for our appt (directions are hard), and this old lady came up to us and wordlessly motioned that we should follow her back to the house we had knocked on.  So we did.  And the whole time I was like, Are you or are you not Voldemort’s snake disguised as Bathilda Bagshot?  And are you going to try to kill us when we go into your house?  Well, rather than trying to kill us, she very kindly led us to a small family who wanted desperately what we had. Hope.  It was really cool.

Well, I really love being a missionary.  And I am hugely grateful that the Lord trusts me so much.  It like doesn’t make any sense, but He does.  He could be doing His work a lot better, but He wants us to participate because He wants us to be happy more than He wants His work to be perfect.  Us being happy is His perfection.  And us helping Him makes us happy.  It’s beautiful, really.  

I am trying to understand the real importance of the gospel.  Anyone who wants to help me with that, I would love your thoughts.

Keep changing the world, y’all!  Your perfect Father believes in you!

Love ya!

Hermana J

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  1. I love the story of the lady chasing them down to lead them back to a family that needed their message of hope. Love that missionary girl.