Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Davi - Angels Around Me


Oh man, was conference great or what?  I was a baby, and watched conference in English with the other gringo Americans in this little room.  Ain’t no party like an English room party cuz an English room party has snacks (huh huh huh)!  Really though, how cool was that?  I thought during the million talks on member missionary work that it was so cool that Dad was put in as Prez to prep for right now.  I just have this intense desire to help the members here fulfill their responsibilities and see their opportunities to love their neighbor.  Man, the brethren handed us a ward mission plan, with a challenge and all!  Soooo stoked.

Cristian and Cielo got baptized!!  Their dad Henry should have too, but hopefully he can later.  It was the sweetest thing.  They are seriously angels.  They were so excited coming out of the water.  Their smiles were so giant!  Oh, I love them.  They both want to serve missions.  It’s cool to see too how their mom, who hasn’t been to church in 15 years, is soooo much happier too.  

One night, when we were walking home, this 16-year-old kid was like, there was a robbery.  Come inside. So we went inside his garage and hung out there for a while until he walked us home.  And for that act of kindness, hopefully their souls will be happy for eternity.

My comp is gone.  I will find out who my comp is tomorrow.  But I am pretty sure it will be one of the sisters I am with right now, but I can’t tell her that, so that’s kind of weird.  I feel like I am being deceptive.

Started teaching Gean Carlo y su mama this week.  Oh what a treat.  Gean Carlo is a dream come true. He is a BRILLANT 12-year-old who really reminds me of my little buddy :) [little brother Grant].  He came to the baptism and conference--and loved them both.

So like, I was losing weight here.  But then I discovered chifles [fried slices of plantain] this week, so.

People to pray for (you heard conference!): Karen, Sonia, Jose, and MariaElena Peña, Katheryn y su fam, Socorro, Julio Cezar, Spencer and Libi, Nikol y Bertha, Blanca, Charo y Gean Carlo, y la fam Sanchez, y Jorge and Eva Maria and Ana Rafo.   

I love how close Heavenly Father is.  I feel like I just keep learning so much about prayer.  Like, I can’t be daydreamy, because that is precious prayer time.  If these people are ever going to get where they need to be, they need to be prayed for at every single chance they can get.  I will be praying in my down time—please join me.  I love them so desperately.  Thank you for praying for me.  From time to time I can feel the angels around me.  I love you so much.  But more importantly, God does.

Hermana J

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  1. Oh, I love her spirit! She connects with people instantaneously and they become so dear to her. What love she has for those she serves! That is the mark of a great missionary.