Tuesday, May 6, 2014

At the Border

April 28, 2014

At the Border

Dalton is so funny!  And I don’t know what he was talking about, that the drinking wasn’t a problem [during Semana Santa, or Holy Week]. Castilla was OUT OF HAND.  Isn’t Castilla the cutest?  

I went to Ecuador this week.  That was a fun little surprise!  We had to go try to be a little more legal than we were before.  I realized a quality of mine that hasn’t changed.  I am a really good sport, when I have food in me. Those sweet in-charge elders forgot to plan meal time.  Uh oh.  But, it was a blast.  Twelve hours driving and a lot more time waiting at the border like illegals, but all talking in English with the awesome white sisters.  Here is the after-trip picture. 

[Quick!  Someone feed the two on the right!  The sisters on the left look okay.]

This week was terrific.  I LOVE my companion.  I just feel like I am starting to realize how missionary work should be, you know?

Fatima, this rebellious teenager, has started coming to church whether or not the rest of the investigating family comes.  And she is all smiley and stuff now.  It is so cool what happens when the Gospel gets to people.  We all need it, and we will know it when we let ourselves embrace it.

Everyone watch easter.mormon.org

Keep being strong. 

Also, can you tell Rachel Freund I love her?  And I want to know about her baby?  And I wear her bows all the time?

Also, Sonny needs to email me!  I don’t have his email!!  Thanks, love you :)

And Xiomi and Fernando and Kris and Guiselle and Yuli.  Love you guys.  

Sorry, no time this week, but I sure do love you!!!!

Hermana J

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