Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teamwork, Yo!

May 5, 2014

Teamwork, Yo!

Man, I just have so much to say, and so little ganas [desire, according to Google Translate] in my fingers to say all of it.  Why?  Because everything is so awesome that it is just too hard to try to describe it!  We have the coolest people who are progressing so beautifully.  Yesterday we had more people at Church than ever before in my mission.  It just so felt like a team.  The members were all sitting with them, and helping them, and getting so excited. They all mentioned them in the prayers, and the Bishop made it a point to welcome all of them.  Well, really, all of the members made it a point to welcome all of them.  It was so cool.  Like a lot of them already knew them, so it was just so natural, and too, it felt like it was their success.  And when I was thinking about that, our cool team, I thought about all the angels that are on the Ramon Castilla team too. They are some powerhouses, I will tell you that much.  I just know that we are all this cool team, you know?  That they were there, helping those people get there, helping the members help them get there, helping the missionaries help them get there.  It’s awesome.  

Our mission is one of the six missions in the whole world that has been chosen to be a pilot for this family history program.  It is INCREDIBLE.  We had a training on it yesterday, and the people over it are amazing. These people here just have so much undone family history, and so I know that is why we are having the success too.  Because we are including the angels on it.  We are committed to help them, so they are committed to help us.  I love this WORK!!!!!  I just love being here so much!!!  

Unfortunately no time to tell you about all the miracles with these people, but if you could pray for all of these people:  La familia Condoy, Juan Peña, Antonio Lopez, Josue Lama, Dani Guerrero, Jhenzof, la Familia Navarro, Camilo, and Sijan.  Oh, I wish I could!!!  There were miracles this week!  pk [don’t know what “pk” stands for, but Grant votes for penalty kick), better luck next week.  


Hermana J

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