Tuesday, May 27, 2014


May 19, 2014


So, little harder of a week.  As it turns out, the parents of the fam Condoy aren’t married, and the mom refuses to be.  

BUT, we always still have tons of blessings.  Like we were walking out of this especially frustrating lesson, and walking to another—the sister of a member, who comes to church, but we felt like didn’t really have real interest.  And then, we get there, and she was like, yea, I am in chapter 19 of Nefi.  And even though people are really confusing me, and I don’t know what’s right, I am asking God.  And I am going to keep going to church, and keep reading, and keep asking.  And we were like, Teodora!  You are so amazing!!!  And her husband recently got back from Lima, so they can hopefully get married civilly.  (You can get married in a church, and that doesn’t count.  That’s how it is here.)  Anyway, I think they are awesome. 
We have like three killer families that need to get married, but are actually willing to do it, and there’s this cheap massive wedding in June.  We are banking on that.

My comp is so sweet, and I love her.  Please keep her in your prayers too.  La Hna Harrison.

I got this in the mail. [See adorable drawing.]  Without anything else.  Doesn’t even have a name on the return address.  Could you just die?  I absolutely love it.  I laughed so hard, and felt so loved at the same time.  So thank you, anonymous five-year-old and mother.  It is up on my motivational things wall. 

This week, I will be in Tumbes, the city that’s on the Ecuador border.  Week-long intercambio.  I am excited!  :)   Wish me luck, and now just include Tumbes and Hna Cisneros in your prayers, please.

Love you guys!  God really does.  I just learn more and more about that.  Even when He has to destroy, it is out of love.  (See 3 Nefi 8 to 11.)  Trusting it is the smartest thing to do.


Hermana J

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