Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Double-Stuffed Oreo

April 28, 2014

The Double-Stuffed Oreo

Well, I was not expecting to get transferred, but there it is.  I am now in the Olivar stake, which, yes, includes the Lima airport, though it's not in my area.  It is definitely the strongest stake in the mission. The ward is called 200 millas.  Man, I feel like I just have so much to say.  Ok, let's start.  If you want to be weirdos on Google Earth, I live in Urbanizacion San Juan Masias, which is just about where the Av. Carlos Izaguirre and the Av. Japon intersect.

Did you know that Colonel Sanders is a member?  Because he teaches seminary and gospel principles here, and he goes by the name Hermano Rojas.  We live in his house, and he is apparently a legend. The first Peruvian missionary as well as the first seminary teacher in Peru.  He also has great Garfield ties.

Oh, and I'm in a trio.  My companions are Elder Brito and Elder Rivera, and they are both from Guayaquil [the largest city in Ecuador]. We joke that the three of us look like a big Oreo.  Elder Brito is going home in a week for medical reasons, but that gives those two enough time to speak in a language that only those from Guayaquil can understand.  I'm getting the hang of it.

A great thing from this week was going home from a ward activity where investigators didn't show up.  We were walking home from the activity, thinking that we wasted the whole day preparing it, but then we contacted a family whose father said that they were just talking about going to a church for their daughter. It was a lot of preparation just to find those people right at that time of night in that particular spot of the area, but I guess we should never question how inspired things work.

I'm having a great time here.  I know that some of what I'm saying deserves pictures, but tranquilo! [like calm down, I think.]  I mean, you've all been waiting only like 4 months, right?  Ok, next week.  Love you!

Elder Johnson

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