Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lamoni et al

May 12, 2014

Lamoni et al


Dani.  She is someone who has suffered from depression for years.  The one I followed up to her room, knowing it was a trap.  Well, wasn’t a trap.  She came to church!  All three hours!  And even though they talked about modesty in SS* (one of the WORST topics for investigators), she survived, Hna Chapillaquen saved the day, and she is progressing.  And is getting happier.

Juan is progressing toward his baptismal date.  He walked in to the front room on Saturday, looking like a different person.  He said he had been praying for angels when we came along, and there we were.  I love being a sister!
Wily is so sweet!  I just love these sweet people who, like King Lamoni, just treat you like, I know you are of Christ, so whatever you say I will believe.  He is trying to fight the things around him to get baptized with his four kids here soon.  

I don’t want to make Dalt jealous, but in this area, there are so many young families, that I can’t follow the talk to everyone rule.  It’s actually really fun.  On weekdays.  

One fun thing here is something called Señor Cautivo.  He is a saint, or something, and is from Ayavaca, which is over here in Peru.  Some people don’t convert because of their devotion to him.  Anyways...

I forgot to tell Grannie (younger brother Grant) how awesome it is that he got into the choir stuff!  High five, lil bud!

I love being the Lord’s.  He is the best maker I know of.  I would encourage all to let Him make you more.
Love Hna J

*[Not sure here if SS stands for Sunday School or for Sociedad
 de Socorro, which is Relief Society, the women’s group.]

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