Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Photos of Dalton

I hadn't noticed until recently that these photos of Dalton had been up on his Facebook page.  So thank you, Mirella Trujillo, for the great pictures of my darling son!

Explanation:  For Dalton's birthday back in December, I had sent a cake mix with frosting, sprinkles, party hats, and favors.  So I'm glad he managed to bake the cake, but I don't see the hats and streamers.  Oh well. All you  need is cake, I guess.  I'll include the captions that were posted with the photos, along with translations.

El dia que le preparamos su torta.....
Day you prepare your cake... (Translated by Bing)

Una buena experiencia tenerlos en casa. La Fam Cano siempre los recordara.....
A good experience having them at home. The Cano Family always remember them... (Translated by Bing)
Con su compañero Elder Rubi
With companion Elder Rubi

En una reunion de consejo de barrio. Se le extraña a Elder Johnson y Elder Rubi.
At a meeting of the District Council. Strange you Elder Johnson and Elder Rubi. (Translated by Bing)

Despues de un dia de servicio almorzando en casa.
After a day of service at lunch at home.(Translated by Bing)

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