Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Every Day's a Holiday

July 14, 2014

Hey everybody!!!

So, a few achievements:

I forgot about the Fourth of July.  We were leaving with a member, and she had just gotten off the phone with her friend who is living in Utah.  And she was like, Feliz Dia!  which they say for each and every holiday, which is like every other day:  Día del Maestro [Teacher Day], Día del Amigo [Friend Day], Día del Pescador [Fisherman Day--really?], Día de la Papa [Father’s Day], etc.  And so for all I knew it was day of the missionary.  And I was like, oh thank you!  And she knew I didn’t get it.  So she was like, feliz Día de Independencia!  And I was like, that’s the 28th (that’s Independence Day en Peru).  Anyway, sorry everybody.  But I guess I am now peruana [Peruvian].  

Dalton got permission to go to the temple with me when I am in Lima!!!!!!!!!  Could you just die?

I finished el Libro de Mormon [the Book of Mormon] reading the whole thing out loud this week!  I just love that book.  It is such an incredible blessing that we have something so solid where it leaves very little room to doubt. It’s like, if we were doubting about anything in the Church even for a small second, we have the foundation of this book. And I will stand with Jeffrey R Holland (though unfortunately a little less powerfully) in that this book is true. There is no way it is not true.  It cannot be a lie.  God speaks to me every day through that book.  I ask for direction, I receive it, I apply it, and I receive the blessings.  There is no way to deny it.  It is true.  And so, this is the Church of Jesus Christ.  I realize that might be scary for people to want to find out.  Because if this book is true, their lives will change forever.  And change is scary.  But it is the best.  Trust God, read the book, ask Him if it’s true (before you finish even) and He will tell you.  You will know it’s true when you feel this wonderful feeling that God is talking to you through it—that God is giving you instructions for your life.  That’s when you know. And yea, He will ask you to change it.  But that’s where faith comes in.  He has made the path.  Solo hay que trust [there is only trust—or something like that].  If you really want God to direct your life, or if you want to be in charge. I would encourage everyone to not wait until you want God to be in charge to take this challenge.
I wasn’t in my area a whole lot this week.  But miracles happened.  En Sullana, there was this lady who has been investigating forever but won't accept a date.  We taught her a lesson, and she started crying when I testified of God’s love for her, and that it’s not necessary to know that you can do something, just that Christ can. And she accepted a date, and in her prayer she thanked God for sending her another hija [daughter].  Isn’t that cool?  God really does work.  He loves His kids.  And sometimes they just need to know that in order to do what He wants.  

I love you, God loves you, and He wants to help you.  He can, if you want to do what He asks.  Man, that’s good advice for me.  

I would love some prayers to find families who want to be together forever.  Please.  And if everyone could pray for Hna Maidana and her dad.  Not just because Argentina lost in the world cup.  Though that was a hard blow.  

Hna Johnson

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