Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Yes! Families!

July 28, 2014

Yesterday, Lander got an interview with President Cruz.  We were in Relief Society, and we saw him through the little windows on the doors walk into the bishop’s office.  And we just died.  Because it was hard for him to decide, but he did.  We had this great lesson with him, where he just told us how much he wanted to be back in the church.  He has changed.  I LOVE seeing the change in people’s faces.  That’s one of my favorite things about being a missionary.  That, and hearing people describe the Spirit for the first time.  Lots of other things too, but those are like, the best.  He is just humbler, and looks at us for real, not putting up fronts, but real.  Now, his whole family will be getting sealed in the temple this November.  YAYYY!!!!!

So guess what.  We are starting to find families!!!!  Could you just die?  I could.  And they are cool. Yesterday, the wife of a married couple was like, wait, I would have to give up my saints?  And I was like, don’t think about it yet. Just read the book.  It was so cool though, because she was thinking about the change.  That’s why she asked the question.  Not just, oh your eyes are so pretty!  Oh yea, sure thing sweetie, whatever you say.  And during the lesson, she was looking off a little bit, and you could see the spirit working in her.  She was like inwardly fighting.  It was awesome =)  

Pray for please, Martha, Rigo, Maricarmen, Daniela, Ivonne, Liliana, and all of their families.  Please and thank you.

Please be good this week, ok?  Trials really are worth it.  Let’s all try to remember that, ok?  It means God does love us, because He is willing to hold our hands and listen to us scream and kick and fight, the whole time His heart broken, just to help us progress.  He loves us.  We just need to show Him, and bury those swords.  See Alma 24.  

LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!  All of you.  I am so grateful for each of the people in my life who have taught me so much!  Thank you for helping me get there.  


Hermana J

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