Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ya terminó!

July 14, 2014

Do you all remember how Kermit the Frog introduces special guests on The Muppet Show, how he would introduce the guests and then say "YAAY!"  while his arms and legs flop around like noodles?   Ok, imagine that as I say this:

Ladies and gentleman, the world cup is finally over!  YAAY!

I actually just realized it right before I started writing, and I got right up and hugged Elder Norton when it hit me.

Anyway, this week was really good, actually.  We taught a part-member family this week, and Andrea, the nonmember 18 year old, had never even heard about the Book of Mormon.  We dedicated the lesson to explain what the Book of Mormon is, and then we said that you should pray to find out if all of it is true or if it's all just crazy.  She responded by saying "I already know it's true."  We asked her why, and she said "I just feel it."  We kind of paused for a second and looked at each other.  It was a really great moment, but we ended up saying something along the lines of "Well, read it anyway. Now you know what feeling you should be looking for."

We were looking for new people all of this week, but then the answer to our prayers, as almost always, came right out of nowhere when a member named Hector asked if we could help him give  a blessing to his aunt.  There were a TON of people we met that day.  I felt like all of Callao could have fit in that room where we gave the blessing.   Like a Mary Poppins house.

Sandra also got baptized yesterday.  There are pictures, as always, but the computer I am using right now shocks me every time I touch it.  Next time, pictures!  Trust me, I look great.  The service was neat, because there were a lot of relatives that came from two hours away to attend the baptism at 8 in the morning.  There are just some really good people that live in Peru.

I'm liking it here.  Things are just starting to change.  It's weird to think that it will all come to an end one day. But, hey, in the meantime, I'm grateful for the time I have.

Elder Johnson

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