Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Livin It, Lovin It, Workin It

July 21, 2014

What a great change!  I really feel like a mighty change of heart has taken place in me. God has made me a different person.  He is healing my wounds.  When we go through the hard things, we don’t see that He is actually healing us, and we forget to see that He was holding our hand the whole time.  I have learned so deeply that I am nothing without Him.  There was no way out of there without that relationship I have with Him.  Without trusting in Him to be my rock, and not care so much about the rocks being thrown at me.  I just never had felt so like I was nothing before.  And then, He made me feel ok with that.  I am really happy being nothing, because I am His.  And I am not nothing to Him. He adores my nothingness. Isn’t that great :)

There is a family that is going to the temple.  Lander, the 34 year old, is finally making the turn.  His dad recently completed a year of membership, and they are waiting on him.  He came to sacrament meeting last week in a white shirt and tie, and a few days ago admitted that he wanted to have an interview.

Eduardo got baptized.  He is this 20-year-old kid.  I know that God is willing to work with His children on all levels. And this kid was really humbly wanting this.  And knows it’s true.  It was simple and beautiful. We threw the baptism together in like two hours, because he called us and told us he was getting home, and wanted it that day.  So, this is more like what Hna Johnson looks like on a normal day. The cat’s out of the bag now.

Anyway, things are great.  Working, praying, fasting, feeling like we are sacrificing, and then seeing that it totally wasn’t a sacrifice at all.  The mission life.  Livin it, lovin it, workin it.  


Hermana J

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