Friday, July 4, 2014

Need to Avada Kedavra Those Maggots

June 30, 2014

Need to Avada Kedavra Those Maggots

Hahaha!  Dalton got balloon animals?  Of course!!!  Where do I get me some of those?

Had another really great incident with maggots.  Those are the ones that really shake me up.  The rats, the cockroaches, the cats—all doable, and I hardly bat my eyelashes.  But maggots.  Are.  Disgusting. And I hate them.  And I’m just trying not to lose my breakfast all over my scriptures this morning instead of understanding my purpose a little better.
P.S., there isn’t a chapter 14 about your very merry de-nametagging [being released as a missionary] in PMG [Preach My Gospel—the missionary teaching manual]. I was looking for it, thinking it would magically appear in my time of need, like the room of requirement [Harry Potter reference]. It hasn’t.

One of the best lessons ever taught through me happened this week.  It was to a twelve-year-old little boy, who is the shyest of shy.  We are teaching his family, but he always refuses to leave his room.  So he listens at the door occasionally.  This week, I saw him taking off when we came in and I was like DARWIN!! He had already escaped, but there aren’t really rooms in this house, so I could see his hat, and starting talking to him about it.  He responded to me in this bird voice he uses when he doesn’t want to leave his room.  Then we talked about his day, and I was like, oh hey, do you have this pamphlet?  And he was like no, and so I tiptoed over to him as to make sure he didn’t flight (there’s a phrase I am looking for....) [maybe “take off” or “run away”] and (don’t worry, I was like five steps from my companion) started explaining it to him with the pictures.  One of the most beautiful lesson-ones.  It was so cool.  He was talking to me and answering questions. I just proved to me a little more how important every person is to God.  That was one of the best lessons that He has ever taught through me, and it was in 10 minutes to a tiny twelve year old.  We are all so important to God.  He doesn’t care about the stupid things that we think we need to give us worth.  He just loves US.  Not who we hang out with, or where we live, or even how many mistakes we made that day.  He just loves YOU, not what you do.  He loves YOU.  I love that He keeps teaching me that.

I have found the Peruvian version of Rachel Davis Cottam!  She’s the coolest ever! 

Love you all so much.  Seriously.  Thanks for your prayers.  We need ‘em!  Please pray for the fam Berru, Daniela and Yosmira, and that all the members with start giving us referrals!  Go, Micaela Bastidas!! [the name of her area]

Happy mundial!!!  [Happy World Cup]!!!

Hermana J

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