Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dalton - 9/23/13 email

Gift of Discernment Strikes Again
Man, I shouldn’t expound too much on that subject line, but you’ll know if you read the emails from the MTC [about discerning the meanings of the rumblings in the intestinal region].  I will just say now, though, that if a member tries to give you Locro de Zapallo [a thick pumpkin stew], you need to think in terms of how that could potentially affect a baptismal service later in the week. I mean, wow. Anyway, I feel much better.

Speaking of which, we had a baptismal service this week!  Raquel Ferro and her daughter Katti got baptized, as well as Angelo Vilca, the son of a family we reactivated.  It was nice, though a little crazy. Raquel never told us beforehand that she has asthma and has never entered into a pool for fear of attack, so cold baptismal fonts weren’t the best for that.  After the baptism, we got an urgent phone call from her at 4 in the morning, and we got permission to give her a priesthood blessing at that hour.  Crazy, right? She felt better soon after the blessing, but we told her that she can wait on confirmation.  Boy, I’m grateful for the priesthood.

Aside from that, the service was great.  Each one bore their testimonies and said that their lives had changed since the time they met the missionaries, that family life is different, and that they could all feel something different during the ordinances.  The Spirit is always there, even in cold water.

But speaking of priesthood blessings, a lady named Victoria found us this week and asked us for a blessing for her kids.  Her not-quite husband is an inactive member and she said with certainty that we would be able to heal her kids.  We gave the blessings and immediately after, her daughter even said ''Mommy, I’m healed!''  It was humbling to see that kind of faith with a family we had never met.  She couldn’t stop thanking us, even though she wouldn’t see then if they were truly better or not.

Hey, on a less serious note, my language study is coming to use again.  Ok:
--Por que los misioneros nunca enseñan en la oscuridad?  [How come missionaries never teach in the dark?]
----Porque a nadie le gustan las citas a ciegas!  [Because nobody likes appointments in darkness – and also means – Because nobody likes blind dates.]

Anyway, I still don’t know if I’m getting transferred or not, but I will find out probably right when we get out of internet.

I love you all!
Elder Johnson

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