Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Davi - 9/2/13 email

Here’s to Not Being Heartbroken!

AAHHH!!!!   Gerry is getting baptized!!  Oh my gosh, that is so exciting!!  Yay!!  And did I ever tell you how awesome and terrific it was that Daryl got baptized?  That is the coolest thing ever!!!!  Give him a great big hug for me ok?  Man, the work is really moving, and God is blessing this fam for the hard work that was put in.

This week was awesome!!  We found this family where the mom has been inactive for twelve years, and they have three kids, 11, 9 and 3.  They are the cutest family you ever did see, and I am just so in love with them.  And they came to church!!!!  Oh, que gozo.  I’ve never really taught a family before, so this is awesome.  It’s so different, but it feels so much more like, right. 

So, I understood pretty much all of church yesterday.  That was a huge blessing and miracle.  Thank you for all the prayers being said for me.  They are being answered, and they help so much!!  Because if Heavenly Father and I are going to reach our goal of me understanding almost everything by general conference, well, prayers would be good.  Because I swear, if I can’t understand Pres Eyring’s talk, I am going to be heartbroken in a million ways.

Sorry that I haven’t done anything for the birthdays of my siblings.  I realize I haven’t even mentioned it in emails.....  Sorry.  Love you!  Cause Jamie is this week, so hey!  Happy Birthday to Nicki and Grannie and Spence and Jamie!! 

Thank heavens I didn’t get married before this.  I would have been the worst wife ever.  I just feel super bad for these practice husbands (my comps). 

I am also totally in adoration with this old inactive man named Daniel.  What a treat.  I just love him so much.   One of those thing you don’t have a reason for, but you just loooove them.  He is so beyond darling.  And Heavenly Father loves him so much.

Heavenly Father really does love His children.  I know that is a million times true.  And literally the only reason He asks us to do things is so that we can be happier.  Man, I love Him.  And I love my family and friends.  Thanks for everything!

My address for all those people who were dying to send me mail but didn’t have my info:
Presidente Rowley
attn Hermana Davi Johnson
Urb. Los  Geranios
Calle  Los Naranjos  Mz. "H" Lt. "4"
Piura, Peru

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