Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Davi - 9/23/13 email

[Remember how Davi's last email talked about how she had little time to prepare for Felix's baptism, so she hopped in the murky water of the font and started bucketing it out?  Here are the photos she sent from that day:]

[And here's the email for this week:]

I Feel So Blessed

So you know how they speak Spanish in Peru?  Well, I am starting to learn it!!!   This week I started learning unimportant words like crossword puzzle and piggy bank.   And because I am saying this, I am sure I’m going to have a very humbling experience this evening where I can’t understand anything and words stop on my tongue. Because good heavens it is not me doing this, that much I know.

We had a lovely little surprise of a third comp for a few days!  Hermana Ramos de Guatemala.  We dropped her off this morning but got totally lost.  

Last night we had a lesson with a less-active whose father we are trying to teach (he has been through like 12 sets of missionaries I think), and it was about the Book of Mormon.  We shared experiences, and he looked up at us  and said something along the lines of, “I remember feeling like that,” and committed to reading every day again.  How great is that!

We found an oldish professor named Cezar yesterday.  He was so American in his questions and his arguing and his pride that I was just grinning the whole time.  How strange that I feel relieved that someone is arguing with us and not just nodding and smiling and feeding us.  

I am so in love with this twelve-year-old and nine-year-old.  Like, all I want to do is be with them.  I want them to come teaching with us, and I want to give them everything I have in my possession.  I have started carrying candy on me specifically so I never leave them empty handed.  Oh man.

Yuli got baptized this week.  She said she felt like she was achieving her dreams.  How cute.  She is nine and a daughter of a less-active who is now active.  A bird entered the room during the talk on the Holy Ghost (perfecto) and was flying around the perimeter of the ceiling for a good portion of the service.  Also, she has a terrible fear of water apparently.  We didn’t know that until she was in the water and refusing to go under.  So the bishop pretty much shoved her under, and she came back up with this face of pure terror and fury, and I burst into laughter.  Not very becoming, I realize that.  But y’all, you would have died.  Thinking about it right now, I am laughing.  Oh man.  But like, it’s not good to laugh at things like that....

I feel so blessed.  For real.  I cannot believe I have been here for a transfer.  Can’t even begin to believe that.  But I am so glad.  I feel my Savior more in my life than I ever have before.  It’s funny how at first you feel pretty lonely. And then you realize that without all those other things that you thought you needed to feel loved, you feel the love of the Savior in such great abundance.  Some nights you go to sleep singing “Conmigo Quédate Señor” [“Abide With Me, ‘Tis Eventide”], and you know He really is right there with you—that He always has been—and now you are starting to let Him show you.

Gosh, I love this gospel.  So much.  Every day I feel so incredibly blessed to have it, and to have this chance to work and share what I have had my whole life.  

The Savior is so there, and so loves you.  He did everything for you; therefore He also did everything with you.  I know He lives, because He lives with us.

Love you all.  
Hermana J

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