Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Davi - 9/9/13 email

Whatsup from La Negrita

I love being a missionary more and more every day.  It´s so cool how Heavenly Father just helps you with every single aspect, isn’t it?  Like, He literally answers every prayer.  I want (oh yay!  my reflex just then was to say quiero!  it’s coming y’all, its coming) to do what He wants more every day, and He answers more and more prayers, because my prayers seem to be what He wants too.  The thing is, He wants so desperately to help us. SO desperately.  That is literally all He wants to do.

Ann was baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Couldn’t be happier.

You know how I´m black?  Yea, they call me la negrita here.  So, whatsup.  Also, I have two Peruvians who have nominated themselves as my very small mothers, so that must be one of the reasons I´m una negrita too.  [See next post, with a message and photos emailed to us from one of the Peruvian mamas.]

Don´t worry y’all, the wicked witch of the east is not dead.  The tornado actually brought her to Piura Peru. She´s a lot nicer than she looks, but the tornado did make her a little crazy.  And no, she doesn´t want to learn more about the Gospel, thanks for asking.  [Apparently whoever she’s referring to here shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.]

La familia Balcazar is doing really well.  They came to church again on Sunday, and have a baptismal date!  A familia!  How great is that?  The dad wants to change so much.  His humility is beautiful and refreshing and I love it.  And those children have to be the most angelic children I have ever met.  I am so in love with Cristian and Cielo, it’s not even funny.  I had a small daydream during one of their lessons (hey, it was small - plus it’s almost impossible to pay attention to an entire lesson in a language you don’t really understand yet) of Cristian going on a mission.  It was amazing.  He would change the whole world. He’s a powerhouse of an 11-year-old.  So pure angelic sweet.  Oh, I love them.

We were blessed to find another family this week, this one a little older.  A mom living with two adult children who have children of their own elsewhere.  Maritza has cancer, and was so excited to hear our message of hope.  It´s beautiful what we get to be a part of, isn’t it?  God just wants to love on His kids, and help them realize how close He is.  

I´m a little sick.  And by a little, I mean something fierce.  Jeez louise.  My body is not used to the Peruvian flu even a little bit.  But, here´s the cool thing.  In my setting apart, it said that no sickness would make it so I couldn’t work.  So I said, ok Heavenly Father, here goes nothing.  I’m hoping we get miracles for this.  And we did :)  Gosh, I love my Heavenly Father soooooo much!  So grateful to be in His service. Can´t wait to be a more effective servant, but I still won’t be perfect when I know Spanish either, so I don´t think He´s too concerned.  

Hey, a challenge of the week - Let God love you.  He really wants to.  Just let Him.  

Love you more than anything!
Hermana J

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