Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Davi - 9/16/13 email

Doing Grunt Work for the Lord is Awesome

Gosh, there’s just always too much to say.  

Ok, Tuesday of last week.  We walked out of district meeting and were like, we have like fifteen minutes, let’s visit Felix.  We did.  He invited us in and said, “I got an answer last night.  When can I get baptized?” And we were like, “Um, like whenever you want.”  And he said, “Great—let’s go to the church right now.” And we were like, “Give us like six hours.”  So, for real, the baptism happened six hours later.  The font was full of gross water when we got there, and the drain wouldn’t work. I got in the font and started handing buckets of gross water to people.  I felt so like Davi in that moment.  I know that’s weird, but like, just so me.  Gross and barefoot.  That’s how you would describe me, right?  Anyway, I love being a missionary.  You get to do the grunt work for the Lord. If it means taking off our shoes and getting our skirt wet, all the better.  

It was incredible.  He just had the biggest smile on his face after.  He has so much desire to learn and be faithful and follow the Lord in everything.  

There are these two new families who I am so in love with.  This one, you can just see a new hope beginning to grow in their faces.  A light and a joy.  They are so wanting the Spirit to change their hearts and give them the blessings of the Gospel.  And the other, I swear, this child, Ana Louisa, is like mine. She has so much attitude and so much sweetness.  Oh I love her.  

Life is really great. Thanks for being the best people ever.  I am SOOOOOO blessed for the people in my life.  I can’t even believe it.  Thank you for being such great examples and support.  Heavenly Father is very grateful for it too.  

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana J

[Also, Davi sent a picture of her with her district:]

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