Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cats and Snakes?

April 21, 2014

Cats and Snakes?

I am so happy!!!!  So, there’s that!  

Josue was supposed to get baptized this week. But he drank on Thursday instead of going to his interview.  Pray for the little sweetie.  

We found this family who had been getting taught in Talara (of course!) like years back.  And he was so excited to see us, and he wanted our help.  The dad is so sincere, and really wants help for his kids. Wilfredo is his name, and his children are Guadalupe, 15, Fatima, 12, Elías, 10, and Benjamín, 8.  They all came to church yesterday.  What a huge miracle!  The mom is scisophrinic (spelling in English is hard). So pray for them.

Funny things from this week:

We were running one morning, and there is this crazy street-cleaning lady who is just, crazy.  But very friendly. And so she is our friend.  So anyway, this morning, we were running by, and she just yelled, LOOK!  at us, and we stopped and turned, and she held up a dead, petrified cat, and started cracking up.  
Also, we just did a presentation of the Tree of Life in English for this meeting, and I was one of the hecklers in the large and spacious building (fitting).  So we were helping the missionaries with phrases to yell to convince them to come over on our side and leave the iron rod.  One of the Elders yelled over and over again “WE HAVE SNAKES!!!”  Priceless.  

Also, there’s this place near Talara that is called Negritos.  Hna Harrison asked me, very sweetly and in all seriousness, if that’s where all the black people live.

I love this area, and I love my companion.  She is the greatest.  I love who God has made me, even though I was difficult.  He is so unceasingly good to me.  

Challenge this week: to ask God if He loves you and wait and listen.  I do it every day.  It’s the best.  

Love you!!!!!

Hermana J

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