Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dalton - 7/8/13 email

Chistes, Anyone?  [Jokes, Anyone?]

Ok, I'll be honest.  You get to a certain point and your language study starts becoming incredibly ineffective.  So, I figured out a new trick.  Find puns.  Ok, buckle up:
-He probado una fruta que debe ser oro.  (¿Por que?)
---¡Porque plata-no!

Ok, ok, stop crying, because here's another:
-¿Porque parece que todos las chicas tramposas siempre dicen de todos las cosas que hay que hacer?
---¡Porque ellas son listas!

I know.  That one may have been a little too upper-crusty for you middle-class citizens to understand, but lista is the word for both clever AND list.  Man, I'm hilarious sometimes.

And hey, I remembered the keys today.

President Archibald is officially our new mission president.  He and his wife are great.  His wife actually doesn't speak Spanish and has a thick southern accent, but served a mission in England and got 40 baptisms.  I didn't know someone could do that there.

During our conference with President Archibald, he mentioned that during his training, President Monson specifically gave him advice.  He told President Archibald that retention/reactivation and baptism aren't designed to be mutually exclusive efforts.  I felt like that was specifically told for me, because that was something that really had been troubling me.  So that was nice.

Okay, we're pretty excited for our two baptisms on Saturday.  Jhostin is one.  He's 14 and can be baptized by either his brother or his uncle.  It's been really cool seeing his progress.  The other is Mireya, who is giving up coffee, but is super great.

Jerson and Patricia will be investigators for a longer time, but come on, they'll get baptized.  Getting people married does take patience, but is worth it.  I want to see some people sealed while I'm here! They're a lot of fun, too.  It's nice to have people like that to make you believe that the Lord even prepares your tracting efforts.

We're starting to see a change with our ward council.  We apologized in our correlation meeting for not focusing enough on the salvation of people and asked what we could do to help more.  They really trust us more now, too, because we saw 10 inactives in sacrament meeting.  I'll be honest, it was more than we were imagining, too.  This is a lot of fun.

Yeah, I think that's it.  I totally forgot about the Fourth of July.  I'm sorry, homeland.

I love you and hope you’re all doing well.

Elder Johnson

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