Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Davi - 7/29/13 email

Dude, This is the Best!

Ok, remember how we fasted for miracles?  It came in the form of Sister Schenk.  She is here to train me and Sister Arnold, and we are soooo grateful for her!  I looooove this trio so darn much.  I have not been happier.

The Ward!!  Y'all, it is the very best thing.  We get to see so much progress.  It is like a transformed ward! People come to us and ask if they can come with us.  And ask us what they can do more. And testify in Relief Society about missionary experiences.  They are catching the wave!!!!  It is so incredible. I think of all the miracles, that one might be the coolest.  

Well, maybe.  Because Sonny.  This is such a cool story, y’all. We have been teaching Sonny for like
 two-ish months, and he has been making slow progress.  He was pretty set on getting baptized on his birthday in October, but then we met with him on Saturday, and he had gotten this answer from Heavenly Father in an Edgar Allen Poe book (hey, whatever works) and we invited him for August tenth, and he accepted! Then we went to a baptism with him, realized there was a temple trip to San Diego for the ward on the tenth, and told him he could go on that trip and into the temple if he wanted to be baptized on the third instead.  So..... he said yes!  And then we said, that means you have to quit smoking - today.  So he got a beautiful blessing and agreed!  And has been so strong about it and went home and threw his cigs away!  He said he had some problems with question four on the interview questions, so hopefully that will get worked out.  But we are soooo excited!!!  Prayers please!

Then there's Ed!!  We have been meeting with him for about six weeks, and progression has been slow. But he is such a smart guy, and so ready to believe, but he just didn't quite get it.  But then we had this lesson with him on Thursday, and you could just see him letting the Spirit work in him, and he ended up saying that he shouldn't let other things take priority over finding God.  So he committed to reading and coming to church, and he did!!  We talked with him before church, and it was perfect!  He committed to baptism for August 17th!  He is going to change the world—I know it.  His potential is so out of this world. Watch out for him. He will be the tall dark and handsome one speaking in general conference in 40 years.  

Oh man ,no time!!  I want to tell you all about Cheese (government name is Jonathan), and Leyo the Fashionisto, and Mackenzie the cutest nine-year-old in the world, and Crazy Josh.  Next week, next week.  

Last thought: My toes look even freakier when the tops of my feet are so tan.

Love you all sooooooooo much!!!!!

Sister Johnson

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  1. I think that is going to be yet another benefit of lowering the age for missionaries--with more people going on missions, there will be more people preparing to go on missions, which will in turn boost the missionary work in their home wards. Also, there will eventually be a much greater number of return missionaries, that will enrich the wards and stakes and bolster the missionary work at home (while more and more missionary work is being done by the increased number of missionaries in the field). And so on, and so on... What an exciting time to be alive!