Saturday, July 20, 2013

Davi - 7/15/13 email

Watch yo back, Satan!

This week wascrazy!  As is this spacebar, my gosh!  [The rest of the email had tons of words stuck together, which was funny, but I decided to spare you the difficulty of reading and fix them for you.]

So we had some incredible experiences.  And some heartbreaking ones.  But it is so sweet that the Lord takes such good care of us even then.  

Ann and Charlie are being worked on so hard by Satan.  They are ignoring us now, all of a sudden. Satan messes with them, he messes with me, and Sister Arnold.  He picked the wrong girls to mess with. We have some big plans for this week, and miracles are going to happen.

Sister Arnold is the best!  We have so much fun working.  Love that southern girl!  I say y’all so much now.  And crave fried chicken.

Anyway, so there will be a great email next week.  Look forward to that :)

Life is so incredibly great.  Being a missionary is so amazing.  It gets better and better.  Because coming closer to the Lord makes everything better and better.

Love you all soooooo much:)
Sister Johnson

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