Monday, July 22, 2013

Davi - 7/22/13 email

Miracles Yo!

Oh man.  You sit down here and all of a sudden can't remember what you ate for breakfast this morning, much less what happened this week. 

Ann!!  We got Ann back!  What a miracle.  But, she got fired, so she is flying back to Nebraska on Friday. And we are incredibly heartbroken.  She was like, "Right when I had decided to get baptized here in the next couple weeks, they booked me a ticket."  Anyway, but she is totally converted and getting baptized, and the temple is her goal, so it doesn't matter where she goes.  We are so glad she is doing so well.  She said she is considering flying back when I get my visa so she can get baptized here and say bye.  Boy, that was about as easy to say no to as it is to say no to Donna Loveland's butt cake.  I've never done that, though, so I was unprepared and had to try not to cry.  She is the beautiful Asian making a weird face at me.

Sonny had such a breakthrough this week!!  He has read the Book of Mormon through twice, and is now starting to learn how to actually gain something from it.  He is so amazing!!  He is starting to believe that God can forgive him, and it's amazing how he is changing because of it.

We had this great lesson with 5 of our investigators and 7 members.  It was so cool.  Demitreus turned into a changed man!  We are so excited to see where he goes.

We are in the best ward in the northern hemisphere.  It is so cool to see the way the culture is starting to change!  Missionary work is becoming cool!  Ha, who would've thought?  We had this amazing ward FHE, and it seemed to be very effective.  People are really starting to catch the vision, and it's so exciting :)

We have to drop like 10 investigators.  This is a first for both of us.  Wish us luck!!
Oh!  We are getting a third companion!  Isn't that fun?  She is a transfer older than me, and she is from Austria!  We can't wait.  That means they are hoping my visa comes in this transfer, I think?  

There was a craaaazzy storm.  You will receive the picture of it.  We had a few investigators come to Pioneer Days, so we were all having such an enjoyable time.  You know how I love catastrophes?  Heavenly Father loves me and my companion so much that He flooded North Las Vegas in July :)

Heavenly Father is really trying to teach me to trust Him.  It's pathetic how I have to relearn this lesson over and over and over again, but I am so glad.  Trusting Him enough to put Him first in all situations because you know He will make up the rest if you do, and in trusting Him enough to keep all the rules because you know that His way is a lot better than yours and that He will prepare a way for you to do so, and in trusting Him enough to not be worried what hemisphere you are in because whichever you are in will definitely be the best one for you and those around you.  I try to remember every single day how much He loves me and what I mean to Him, and then I have to make a conscious effort to remember it, and then I can start to trust Him the way I should.  I know that the Savior not only can change the hearts of these people, but He also wants to so desperately.  We just have to let Him through us, and hope they let Him too.

Anyway, keep up the good work.  I love you all so much.  Thank you for sustaining me.  I wish blessings upon all y’all’s heads!  

Sister Johnson

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