Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Davi - 7/1/13 email

What a Week!

This week!!  Oh boy, this week.  The weeks get shorter and shorter.  I'm pretty sure that's because we are living every day like it's our last in the 118-degree weather.  We could cook at any moment!!  Dramatic, maybe.  But you weren't the one scared for your life!

People have been succumbing to the great and spacious building this week.  It is heartbreaking to realize that people reject you because you represent their Savior.  He really does feel pain for these people.  So I just want to work like crazy to make Him not have to hurt more than necessary.  

But, we had a few really huge blessings this week!!  Sonny is one.  He had that amazing experience at Institute, which made him feel like he could keep going even if his family was against it.  And then, when we went over there on Tuesday, his best friend was there and sat in with us.  And then, fancy this, his other best friend happened to come by while we were there, and he sat in too!  Sonny was able to bear his testimony about the Book of Mormon to his best friends, and he proceeded to explain how grateful he was that his "brothers" were with him and not against him.  So they are all progressing now!  And Sonny has a date!  We just need to make sure they wake up for church forever onward....

And we found Ann!!  Well, we actually did nothing, to be frank.  She came to church.  And we accosted her.  She has had two baptismal dates in the past, but backed out both times.  She moved here a few weeks ago from Virginia to nanny.  So we gave a brief, don't give up! lesson, focusing on Alma 5:26 tied into a Harry Potter analogy (think patronus and dementor).  She is an angel.  She then came to a fireside, and said she wanted to discuss a date for baptism next lesson.  How cool is that?  I just felt this connection to her immediately.  We aren't used to teaching females.  It's fun!  And she is so incredible. We are already incredible friends.

So, Charlie.  Did you know (probably not, because I didn't) that Charlie took a vacation day last week to come to church.  Can you even believe that?  He is so incredible.  He couldn't get work off again this week, so we are praying nonstop for him, because it is literally the only thing keeping him from baptism.
Ooo, so we had a lovely little lesson on Saturday.  One of our members was (we think) on some fierce energy drink stuff, and was totally insane haha.  She started talking about the Word of Wisdom (we were talking about scriptures) and then proceeded to try to explain it, over one member talking to one of the investigators about how herbal tea is of the devil, and then the other member was bonding with the other investigator over how fun drinking is on New Year's.  Haha oh, it was good.  

Not to fool you, our members are awesome.  We love them so dearly.  This ward is such a dream.

Yes, I still don't know about my visa, but don't worry, because I'm not.  God's got it.  I really do want to go to Peru still.  There are times when I feel more than happy to stay here forever, but then I read my Spanish scriptures, or read about how my whole MTC district is now there, or all the people who came here with me waiting for their visas are now gone, and I feel homesick for a place I've never been.  But for the most part, I just know that Heavenly Father loves me lots and lots and lots and will make the best thing happen.

Oh, challenge.  Be yourself.  You have to be you before you can help anyway else be them.  How's that :)
Sorry, I'm slacking.  But we are in need of some serious fried chicken.

Love my comp and her southerinity.

Ok, love you!  Y'all are the best!!!

Sister Davi

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