Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dalton - Bonus email

Message for Relief Society

[Note from Mom:  A woman in my ward, Crysti Murphy, was planning her lesson on Elder Nelson’s talk “Catch the Wave,” and she wanted to include the missionaries serving from our ward.  So she emailed all of them and asked them to write an experience that she could read to the class.  Here is what Dalton wrote:]

Just this week, we were tracting and met a man named Alexis.  He didn’t look the type that would be interested when we first saw him, but we shared the restoration in the few minutes we had.  His response surprised me.  He repeatedly thanked us, mentioning that he always saw the missionaries walk by but never felt like they’d have the opportunity to talk to him.  He said he was so happy that we finally knocked on his door.  Too often we look at the impossible, worse-case scenarios of sharing the gospel.  When we do that, we often forget the Alexises of the world, those who secretly wish they could learn more, even thought we don’t recognize it at a glance.

Elder Johnson

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  1. Oh, I just love this! That Dalton is such a great guy.