Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dalton - 4/22/13 email

Can’t Think of a Clever Subject Line.  I Had One.  I Know I Did.

Things in Peru are going great.  It’s hard to believe how much faster this week went.  I think I needed two things that I didn’t have my first week:  hard feet and a soft heart.  Now I’m working on inner thighs that never chafe.  

I’m not sure how much my Spanish is improving, but I can at least have comfort in knowing my English is getting worse.  No, in reality, Spanish is getting a whole lot better.  People are generally surprised when I tell them it’s my second week in the campo, so I am very grateful for that.  If I listen, I can usually understand 80% of what’s happening.  Listening seems to be the problem at times.

Thanks for the picture.  I almost forgot how good I look in brown.

You are all the best missionaries.  I’m sure the fireside was great.  I just feel terrible realizing now that I was such a lazy missionary just a few months ago.  Thanks for being good examples.

Ooh, and none other than Craig C Christensen of the presidency of the seventy is coming on Wednesday and speaking to the Lima West and Central missionaries.  No big deal.

It’s great having a district leader as your trainer, not only because he’s a good missionary, but also because I get to see the strengths of all the missionaries during splits.  That has been helping a lot.
Also, I’m not sure how informal the Peruvian word "bacan" is, so I figure if I use quotation marks, I’m safe on the rules.  [note from Mom:  I looked up the word “bacan,” and it is Peruvian slang on the word “bueno,” but it means more like “cool” or “wicked.”]

Love you all!  Don’t worry about me, I love it here.
Elder Johnson

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