Thursday, May 16, 2013

Davi - 5/13/13 email

We Are So Blessed!

So, I love being a missionary.  It's hard to not want to be perfect, because that's what you want to give the Lord.  But the Lord is happy with anything we give Him.  So what I am realizing is that this isn't that much different than my normal life.  You just have more time for people.  And less time for dancing.  And homework is a ton more enjoyable.  So I just have to let myself settle down a bit and be satisfied with the person the Lord has made me.  

We have been so blessed by the Lord.  There are people who are ready to hear this Gospel!!  Nicki is so fantastic.  She is celestial.  And was committed to baptism, but then her mom committed suicide, and the day of the service is the date.  But her faith is beautiful and incredible and we learn from her all the time.  There's Derrik --to give you a good idea of who he is, he came to church yesterday and stayed for all of it but the last fifteen minutes to find his kitty.  Then he texted us to let us know not to worry.  He committed to be baptized last week for the 25th, and announced it to invite people in Gospel Principles.  Markess is an amusing one—we found him when he and his friend pulled over to talk to us and see if we wanted to go to a party with them.  He came to church, took what he called a "shot" of water every time someone passed him with a tray, and told a story to everyone in Gospel Principles about how he knows God loves him when one time he was reading the Bible, and then the next day when a cop was searching through his bag, the cop didn't find his stash, and he didn't go to jail.  But then he would look over at us and ask these sincere questions, and we knew the Spirit was working with him.  There's Theran, who is the coolest kid and after our first lesson with him, gave maybe the sweetest prayer I have ever heard.  He is such an honest seeker of truth.  We are so excited to see him again tonight.  There is Will, who wants to be baptized, and knows God will be his "wingman."  He's a good kid.    There's Brianna, who also wants to be baptized, but is having a hard time committing.  Anyway, the point is, that the Lord is good, and is leading us to amazing people.  We are so blessed.  

We did accidentally go into the other mission once.  Or maybe more times—who knows?  Our ward covers two stakes, and the other stake is in the other mission.  Anna, someone we were told to visit, apparently was in the other mission, but we didn't know that until we accidentally intruded on a lesson that the other Elders were giving.  That was kind of funny.....

The Atonement.  Whoa baby.  Is it, or is it not, the single best event in the history of the world?  The magnitude of it is amazing.  I am just barely starting to scratch the surface of the importance of it, and the power that we have when we learn to access it.  All I can really say is that as I hand it over, all of the stuff in me, whatever it may be, and just trust, I can feel it.  The Atonement lifts burdens and sorrows and can turn you into something that you didn't realize.  You have to give up your own limitations, which often take the form of what you want, and hand it over.  It's so cool what happens.  So that's the challenge this week: Trust the Lord enough to hand it over.  Whatever it is that is weighing you down.  Entrust it to your Savior.  

Remember how loved you are please.  Please please.  Even when you feel so inadequate.  Because the Lord loves you the same, no matter how you feel about yourself at the moment.

I am safe, and happy.  Prayers are always appreciated, but don’t worry about me (unless the worrying moves you to write letters/email—then worrying is just fine! :) )

Hermana Johnson

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