Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Davi - email 5/6/13

The Lowdown

 [note from Mom:  Davi requested that I put her email address and her current snail mail address.  I think she’s hoping for mail.]
Hermana Davi Johnson
Nevada Las Vegas Mission
9270 S Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89123

Ok, here is the lowdown, team.  I am currently serving in the Northstar Singles ward.  That would be English speaking.  But it is such a great ward.  I am amazed at the amount of support in this ward.  We are opening the area, so it has been a little hard at first trying to find people, but heaven knows I love that part.  We have found some amazing people already.  One in particular I just am about to pass out with excitement about every time I think about it.  So we were grabbing dinner at DQ (see below paragraph—we had no way to make food) and across the tables I saw this youngish guy, and he looked kind of sad.  It looked like he was about to start his shift (and not wanting to break the whole you-can't-talk-to-people-when-they-are-working rule—one of the more difficult rules for me), and he just looked discouraged.  So I told my comp that I wanted to talk to him, and she said, go for it.  We started talking—his name is Jose.  It was like so cool, because he was just so real.  I told him a little bit about our message, and asked if that’s something he would want in his life.  I wish you all could have seen the way he looked up and said, "Yes.  I would."  He is the sweetest, sincerest person!  We are meeting with him on Wednesday.  We have been able to find a lot more people too, which has been such a blessing.  And there are really some who show an incredible amount of real desire.  

There are some incredible people here.  And all of a sudden I am realizing how amazing referrals are.  Because they just make so much more sense.  I am a huge believer in them now.  Here is my challenge for the week:  Give a referral to your missionaries.  Get over the fear of what could happen poorly, and get excited by the possibility of your friends' eternal salvation.  The missionaries will love you for it.  And if they don't, maybe help them realize how much they should.

I am so grateful that the Lord gives me so many opportunities to be more like Him. It's incredible and beautiful how far I need to go.  But He has promised that He would be with me the whole time.  I am like the neediest missionary ever, but I receive nothing but mercy.  
Oh, so we got electricity this morning!  That's a turn for the nice.  But honestly, not having power for the last week was something I feel like wasn't weird.  It was a sweet little piece of Peru in my mind.

Thank you for the prayers.  I can only imagine how much help I am getting.  I am so grateful for it.
The Gospel is crazy true.  

Love you.  And know how much our Savior loves you.  Please.

Hermana Johnson

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