Friday, May 24, 2013

Davi - 5/20/13 email

Tender Mercies

Spence is getting married!!!  What the heck?!  That is so crazy!  Is everything crazy?  Oh my goodness. It's so exciting.  I need a full run-down of the entire event.  Pictures especially.  But try not to run yourself too ragged, ok?  Not having me and Dalt there must really slow things down.... :)  

Daddy, you are such a good example to everyone.  Thanks for that.  What an incredible weekend experience!  That so amazing!  Elder Oaks would make you feel like his buddy, you totally would be.  And thanks for the encouragement.  I really need to learn how to settle down.  That's been one of the hardest things.  Is just settling down a little.  I still have a long way to go

So I want to tell you about Theran.  This kid is the tender mercy of a lifetime.  I love him so much.  He is 20, and so amazing.  One of his best friends referred him to us.  He is like the sweetest kid, and so submissive to the Spirit.  I like, live for him.  He wants to be baptized, and is just trying to talk his parents about it (Dad is inactive and Mom is not a member--so they aren't responding super well).  But I have so much faith in him.  He is so awesome.  He just makes being a missionary make sense.  I have to try not to call him Therbear.  Sometimes I don't try that hard though.... He gives these prayers that make me bawl.  And in the middle of one of the prayers he offered, he said how grateful he was for us.  And I realized right then what it felt like to be somebody's missionary.

We have two baptisms this weekend!  It's so great!  Nicki, who is the sweetest thing and just wants to be a member so bad and be able to get married in the temple, and Derrik, who wants to remove anything between him and God.  They are so sweet and sincere.   

Sean and Markess we had an amazing lesson with.  Markess (weed story kid) walked us out to the car after and said, "I feel brighter.  I'm walkin taller."  And I said, "Do you think that has anything to do with what we talked about?"  And he said, "Yea.  Y'all have some good news, don't you?"  Yea, we really do :)

I got to go to dinner at a real house yesterday, and eat with this family that reminded me of ours.  It was so sweet.  

Went to the temple on Friday.  Oh my goodness, does it get better than that?  No, it absolutely doesn't.  There is such peace in the temple.  No matter what, the temple makes it better.  So that is my challenge this week.  Go to the temple one more time this week than you normally would have.  Please :)  Because that was probably the last time til the end of my mission, so do it for me, in my place.  Thank you.

Love you all so much.  thank you for being such good examples and showing me how to be a better person, and for making me feel like one.  I am the most blessed person as far as friends and family go.  Yep, that means you.

Love you all so so much.  Like, whoa.  So much.  Thank you for praying for me.  I feel it.

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