Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dalton - 5/13/13 email

What Else to Say?

Ok, I essentially said everything yesterday during the Mother’s Day Skype, so I honestly have very little idea of what to say.  I now know that there's a blog, but I still won’t acknowledge that fact.  Also, I would like you all to notice that I can still spell acknowledge.

Fine, I'll give this a shot, even though there might be insignificant information.  Inca Kola is delicious.  It’s yellow, tastes a little bit like bubble gum, and I thought it was weird at first.  But then I grew up.

Elder Paredes is actually really funny if indeed I understand him correctly.  He is convinced that you can add "ation" to any Spanish word and it will magically be English, much like our adding "o" to English words makes them Spanish.  He even does it with words that are already English.  Good-nightation, etc.

I’m still bad at soccer, but slight improvements are made every p-day.

Our ward mission leader also says hi.  I forgot that bit yesterday.  I can actually track my Spanish progress best with him, because he kind of mumbles and I can officially identify that he speaks Spanish now.

Also, I am so mad that I didn't show this to you yesterday, because I had been practicing specifically for the call.  All the missionaries here do a snap-like thing with index and middle fingers, and I can do it now too.  No big deal.

Ok, I'm all out of insignificant info.  We have one baptism on Saturday for Karolay, who has cousins in the church as well.  We are also expecting baptisms for the Rodriguez family, who we met at church.  The mom essentially said that they need this in their lives, which, I must say, is a great thing to say to missionaries.  We also met, just through tracting, Guerra, an older man, and Ricardo, a priest-age boy.  If those two aren't ready, I don’t know who is.  Ricardo’s lesson went so well that we left it talking about how excited we were to see him bless the sacrament in later weeks.  It was great teaching Guerra yesterday, because Elder Paredes and I were on the exact same page.  We taught him about the plan of salvation and how we know it through the Book of Mormon.  He was genuinely excited to read it and ask us about the things he doesn't understand in the book.

As always, just remember that I’m happy here.  Pray for me, but please don’t worry about me.  This is the time of my life.

Love you,
Elder Johnson

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