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Davi - 4/24/13 email

[The day Davi sent this email was supposed to be her departure date from the Provo MTC, but since her visa hadn’t arrived, they were deciding between keeping her there and sending her to another mission temporarily until she receives her visa.  So in this email Davi gave a rather long analogy about how she felt.  She said it felt like her dad asked her to go to sushi, so that’s what she was looking forward to, but then it turned out they couldn’t go there, so they were going somewhere else cool, like the seafood buffet.  Even though it wasn’t they place she had been looking forward to going, it was still great, and the important part was spending time with her dad anyway.  So there’s the shortened version.  But here’s the big news:  Davi called us last Thursday evening.  And get this:  We were all home, which never happens!  (tender mercy)  Even Nicki, who never just drops over in the evening, showed up with her kids right about when the phone rang!  So Davi called to tell us that this Wednesday she would be heading for the Nevada Las Vegas Mission to serve there until she receives her visa.  I told her that would be a good transition to get used to the heat of Piura, because shows that the climates are very similar.  So there you go!  Also, she can now receive email from anyone, so here is her email address:  Don’t be disappointed if she isn’t able to respond right away, though.  I still don’t know how much time she has on the computer.  So here’s the rest of her email from last Wednesday.]

Oh Boy!

Thanks so much for that package!  That was awesome.  Raspberry bars are so delightful.  Mommy, those quotes are such good ones.  It's hard to keep in mind the balance between trying to be better and totally killing yourself. 

Daddy, didn't I tell you before I left not to hurt yourself?  I guess I should've been more specific.  How are you doing?  I feel so bad that you have to be in a wheelchair!  I bet you’re getting lots of geezer jokes from your office staff!  The music fireside sounds like it went so well!  Seriously, you are all such good missionaries, I love it.  

Jamie, that hair tutorial you sent was the cutest thing ever.  I want to send you the picture I took of my attempt.  It would be such a good Pinterest fail.  

Challenge of the Week:  Find something you can do for your Dad.  Whether that be trusting Him more while you're waiting for sushi, or being brave and talking to the stranger who needs some help, or really committing to read what He wants to say to you (scriptures).  Whatever it be, pray about it, and you will see something you can do to show Him you love Him more than anything else.  Oh, and this is for any EFY kids reading this - write me!  About how you're doing, about how your testimony grew that week, and how it has grown.  Please and thank you :)

Tender Mercies:
Sundays are the greatest.  Heavenly Father is letting me grow in understanding of the Atonement, and it is neat.  There is no doubt in my mind that He loves me, and loves every single one of His children.

Spanish is getting better!  But don't worry about pride getting in the way too much, because whenever I get cocky, I listen to a conversation and think I got everything, and realize it was Tagalog. 

Music has been such a lovely thing here.  We go to choir every week--not only for the director (who is creepily a lot like Brian Regan and is equally as funny)--but because the Spirit with it is amazing.  We sang a rendition of Nearer My God to Thee that was incredible.  There was so much power when we sang "So by my woes to be nearer my God to Thee."  I realized something--there is nothing greater than that.  No matter what it is that brings us nearer, it is worth it.  Because there is nothing better than being nearer to your Lord.  So, by my woes it be.  That's ok, because it's so incredibly worth it.  Heavenly Father knows that, so He sometimes puts us through these things, and listens to all of our whining, and it is still worth it to Him, because there is nothing better than that for us.  Also, Savior Redeemer of my Soul is my new fav song that I didn't even really know existed before here.  How gorgeous is that?  Music has been such a blessing to me while being here.

So everything is terrific.  And I love you dearly.  And I am humbled daily at the opportunity to represent someone who means everything to me, and died for me.  This gospel is the hugest blessing.  I know it, and that's why we are preaching it.

Mucho Amor, 
Hermana Johnson

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