Monday, May 27, 2013

Dalton - 5/27/13 email

The White Pants Still Fit

It’s strange to think that Spencer's married.  I always knew he could do it.  I didn't even realize that it was coming up until your e-mail last week.  It seems fitting that his sealing was on that day, though, because it was also the day of my first baptisms on my mission.  In fact, the services were probably held at almost the same time, if you account for the time-zone differences.  Ours was at 2 (and by that, I mean 3:15).  I performed one of the baptisms, and the bishop also had me do one of the confirmations on Sunday, which is always a great time to forget the name of the church, I have found.

One of the nice parts of the baptismal service was the fact that the parents of one of the converts were present.  The mom actually got teary during a portion of the service, and we have an appointment with them tomorrow.

I'm glad to hear that the Bailies are hearing the missionaries today.  I'll keep praying for them.
Also glad that Spencer liked the jokes.  There's more where that came from—just give me some time.

My companion has two weeks left of proselyting.  My mission president has a month.  So there's that.
Also, we have a new missionary for one of our roommates, which has been a great gauge of how far my Spanish has come.  Then we just have to go outside to see how far it needs to go still.

Tell the whole family that I love them and whatever.

Elder Johnson

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