Friday, May 24, 2013

Dalton - 5/20/13 email

Essentially No Subject

You would all be amazed how long it took me to think that subject line up.  I'm not running out of things to do, but definitely running out of things to say.

The fireside sounds like it was incredible.  I’m sure Elder Callister would have kissed me on the forehead as well, which bums me out a bit. [Note from Mom:  Don’t worry—Elder Callister didn’t really kiss anyone on the forehead, but Spencer wanted to claim something that made him sound like he was Elder Callister’s favorite.]

Spencer’s getting married this weekend?  And I don’t get to help set up the wedding reception?  But you all know how much I love setting up frilly things.  Whatever.  Congratulations, Spence!

I think I've passed a big hurdle in my Spanish this week, because I thought of my first jokes in Spanish. Spencer can be the judge of how dumb they are, but they've been a hit so far with the other missionaries.  Here we go:
-Como se llama el papa cuando se viste en polo amarillo?
--Papa a la Huancaiyna!
Ok, I don’t know how to spell that word, but trust me, it’s a home run.  Here’s the other:
-Habia un papa con su niño en una noche obscura.  El papa queria dar una linterna a su niño, pero no pudo.  Sabe por que?
-Por que, Elder Johnson?
--Porque solo la mama puede dar la luz a un niño!
I'll give you so some time to get a hold of yourselves before the rest of the email.

Transfer one, as of tomorrow, is over already, which honestly freaks me out.  I’m staying with Elder Paredes until he leaves in less than a month.

Our baptism this weekend didn’t quite work out, but we are hoping for this weekend, along with two others.  It was nice to see Gil, on his second lesson, try to explain to his wife why the Book of Mormon is true.  It was great to see the immediate effect the Book of Mormon can have on people.
I’m also a little bummed that I was on splits for this experience, but Felipe, the little son of one of our investigators, got scared one night when the power went out, which was out for quite a while.  He prayed to turn the lights on and not be scared, and the lights came on immediately afterward.  People can obviously claim coincidence, but I have every reason to believe that our Father planned for the lights to turn on in that moment, just to show his love for this boy that didn’t like going to church because of all the new people.

Don’t worry about me.  It’s a little strange, but a lot of my thinking about home is just me thinking of what I’ll do while on splits with the missionaries.  My saddest moments are not when I think about what I could be doing at home, but what more I could have done in my day.

I love you, but I love it here too.
Elder Johnson

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