Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Davi - Eight minutes left and counting


Eight Minutes Left and Counting

Sorry.  No time this week.  

I straight up looooove being a missionary!  It is so great. And I just feel so right here.  I so belong here. There is something magical about Talara that I am in love with.  Maybe it is the ocean breeze.  Who really knows?  But anyway, it is the best.  Our two sweet little branches are so ready to progress.  I love these members with my whole heart already.

I am starting to feel like myself in Spanish.  How fun is that?  

I went to a place called Tumbes this week for an intercambio [exchange].  And I came back with my feet literally covered in bites from some kind of horrible creature.  Covered.  This place is 20 minutes from Ecuador, and is BLAZING hot, and the mosquitoes are huge.  But I loved it there. And I would love to go back.  I love getting to know so many people.

There is this one familia, la familia Gil, and they are the greatest.  They have to get married, but you know.  The dad is leading the whole family because he just gets it!  And he is so animated about everything.  There is a 14-year-old girl, who I adore too.  I just love youth!  And then a four-year-old named Belen, who is the most darling little troublemaker the world has ever seen.  I adore them.

I love my comp.  We have fun working together.  

We are teaching a group of youth, a mission prep class, and I couldn’t love it more than I do.  They are so sweet. And more are showing up every week.  

Ok, sorry this is so tiny.  But like, I really love you all.  And I really love the Lord.  And I know with everything that this is his work and his glory.  And that we are so lucky to be here.  Gosh, it is just so great!  

Anyway, love you.  Love everything.

Hna J

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  1. She just has the best attitude! I'm so glad she's loving it there.