Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dalton - Panetón

December 16, 2013


Man, I knew the eye doctor would remember my birthday.  Just knowing that they sent that card makes me want to cry 20/40 tears.

I think it's time to tell you all an important step in my life that has occurred within these past 2 months:  I no longer do pushups like a mujer [woman].  I tell you that so you don’t worry when I tell you that I am eating way too much panetón.  It's basically Peruvian fruitcake, but everyone gives it to us and I've actually gotten to the point where I like it.

Also, I finally ate that birthday cake you all sent.  It was amazing.  My middle school teachers would be so proud of me to know that I still remember how to convert from Farenheit to Celsius.

It turns out that people are really busy this time of year.  In spite of a lot of appointments that fell through, there have been some really good things happening with our less-active family that we found on the street.  We've been teaching Martha's 80-year-old mom, who has actually been reading the Book of Mormon.  Once you spend some time here, you learn that it's a miracle to have someone that age read the Book of Mormon and believe that it's as credible as the Bible.  You also learn that it is even more miraculous for someone that age to understand what they're reading in the Book of Mormon.  We were absolutely dumbstruck when she recounted perfectly what happened with Nephi and his brothers in the first few chapters in the Book of Mormon.  She is now preparing to be baptized the end of this month.

Pepe and Rosa Briceño, the pensionist’s cousin, are excited too, but it's hard to find them this time of year to teach them.  Keep praying for them!

We find out about transfers later today, but I think I'm still here, unless President wants the sisters to work their magic here.  We'll see how it goes.

Love you all!  Merry almost Christmas!

Elder Johnson

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