Thursday, December 12, 2013

Davi - To make up for the short one last week

December 9, 2013

To Make Up for the Short One Last Week

How delightful it is to be a missionary.  I just feel so much like I belong doing this forever.  I never ever want to leave.  I had a nightmare that I got released and someone was trying to take my PMG [Preach My Gospel book], and I was like ready to bite their hand off.  Which really just shows that I need to stay longer to develop Christlike love for thieves too. 

My dear comp and Jacqui, our buddy

It’s just so cool… you know?  I mean, all the time!  We are here just sharing the love God has for them.  I had this intercambio [exchange] this week with this sister, who just was so out of her mind terrified.  And I got to feel so much peace in letting her really know of the love God has for her, and the confidence He has in her.  She literally looked like a different person by the end of it.  The only thing that was different was that she was listening to God telling her how precious she is.  She was paying attention to it, and believing Him in the ways He was telling her.  And she just… changed!  So dramatically!  Honestly, that was one of the coolest miracles I have seen my whole mission.  Plus, the member who was with us in the tarde [afternoon] was like hilarious.  A middle-aged Peruvian mixture of Spence and Jerry Lewis.  Just try to imagine it.

Maybe the best picture that will be taken on my mission.  Hermano Felix con su moto y su libro preferido [with his motorcycle and his favorite book] y sweet face of always sharing the gospel.  This was the last time he came out with us to do visits before I left.

This week, we have been talking about the temple with everyone.  We have started inviting people to the temple first, for the invitation to be baptized.  It’s like, really cool.  It makes so much more sense to everyone.  You should see the way eyes light up when we talk about the temple. They remember. Something in them remembers the temple. You can see something spark when we talk and testify of it.  I start crying every time. One, because I love it and know it is the best thing in the whole world, and two, because I miss it with my whole heart.  I have officially been without the temple longer than I ever have since I was 12.  It’s ok—I am breathing normally.  But I can’t think about it for too long.  Luckily, I can talk about it with people.  Because if me being without it for a whole year means others can get there, yea. Vamos.  [Let’s go.]

One night we were in this hamburger joint to grab something for dinner, and we were talking to the people who work there. (Yea, we are buddies—we go there sometimes...)  And this little girl starting reading one of the books we had on the table.  Her gma got mad at her, and told her to get back to the table.  We were like, “Oh no, it’s ok!  You like reading, sweetie?  Here’s a pamphlet!”  And she was all excited.  And this other guy who had his food immediately said, “Can I have one of those?”  And we were like, “You sure can!”  And while we were explaining the pamphlet to this guy, the gma had started reading out loud to the little girl.  The whole place was being taken over.  How magical :)

Talara Alta [the part of town where Davi lives] didn’t have water one day last week.  I guess that happens frequently. So what it means is that we can’t shower or do the dishes that day.  So, I feel like, well, worse things have happened.  

Talara.  So cute, right?

I think I understand a little bit more the work of the Lord.  I remember in my last area, I was at the house of one of the counselors in the bishopric.  And his twenty or so grandson is special.  And can’t see very well or walk very well, but he always wants to be helping.  Really, he is darling.  His mom caters, and had made a ton of these immaculate sweet treat things that were gorgeous and I can’t imagine how long they took to make.  She came down the stairs carrying a tray of them, and Richard, the grandson, came down the stairs carrying the other. And she wasn’t even watching him or saying be careful or anything.  I remember thinking, how is she not worried about this?  And then I started realizing how much like Richard we are.  That Heavenly Father lets us carry these trays.  It is a privilege to be helping Him.  And really, He would be doing it so much better.  And it would be so much safer if the trays never got into our hands. But what He really wants is for us to be happy.  Is for me to feel like I am helping.  To feel like a part of things. By no means is anything safe in my hands, but that isn’t what matters to God.  If we want to be helping, He will let us.  Because He loves us.  It is such a blessing.

Another picture of Sparks in Peru.  We went to Chiclayo to see Elder Nelson, and those two are part of that mission.  How fun!  

I really know the Gospel is true, y’all.  I know it with all I have.  God tells me every time I ask. He is there with me, and His angels really are with me all the time. I know the same goes for anyone who wants to be a part of it. Anyone who wants a tray gets a tray, plus an angel to help out.  Six angels.  

Keep up the good work, y’all.

Sis J

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