Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Davi - Milagros de la Navidad!

December 24, 2013

Milagros de la Navidad!  [Christmas Miracles]
Man, what a week, y’all!  What a week.  Seriously, I feel like I am being so rewarded, but I didn’t do anything to deserve it.  

We were teaching a lesson to this mom who we talked to in the street.  This was like the third lesson with her, and more than anything, she liked to tell us about her problems.  Not unusual, and really, it’s good.  I have always loved being that person.  But in the middle of it I started being a total brat in my mind and feeling like she didn’t want it and she didn’t actually want to listen to us.  So I sort of interrupted her and made her read Alma 7:15 (there really is an art to interrupting that I didn’t know existed), and it didn’t really have much to do with what we were talking about either, but we needed to get to another appt, and yada yada yada. Seriously, I was being a total brat.  And then she read it.  And we asked her what it meant to her.  And she said, “Conversion.” And we were like, whoa, what?  Because people almost always use a word in the scripture.  We both reread the scripture and were like, yea, that’s awesome. She proceeded to tell us that she wanted to have conversion, but she didn’t know how.  And it was like, AAAAAleluia!  Luz, and her sons Jairo and Piero.  Por favor pray.

I would like everyone to know that I have had to erase like five sentences now because I started writing en español without realizing it.  hmmm :)

We found two amazing young guys this week.  Robert y Niller.  They are so great.  One of them I think has a small crush on my comp, but it’s more just funny than anything because she is all super stern to try to balance it out.

Have I told you?  I adore my comp.  Totally.  She is so cool.  She had to give one of those  you-have-exactly-thirty-seconds-to-prepare-a-talk talks, and she spoke on temples.  It was beautiful, and I was so proud of her. We have really been working on having faith, and it is so cool to see the changes in her. She is so happy!  And we are seeing huge miracles.  

Like a couple of less-active people we are working with.  I love that Dalt always talks about less actives. Because it is really so beautiful.  Working with the prodigal sons of the world.  More than anything, helping them see that they can come back.  It wasn’t easy for the prodigal son.  I can only imagine he felt rotten.  And so incredibly unworthy.  And that maybe it was an inward battle the whole journey back to his dad whether to return or not. But when we see that humility of a prodigal son, to see the walls come down, to see grown men cry because they feel so unworthy and like they can’t get back, nor should they deserve to, is something so incredible.  Because then we get to testify of love.  Then we get to just share love and nothing more.  My whole mission long, I have had a picture of the prodigal son in mi agenda. Because that’s what missionary work is all about.  It’s about that tearful beautiful huggy reunion.  How incredible to have times in my mission when we can see that happen!  I feel beyond blessed.  

You know how sometimes songs capture your feelings better than you an?  I feel that way about scriptures. Like, jeez, sometimes, Nephi just so gets me!  I’m like, how Nephi?  Exactly!  2 Nef 33:3y4. Or like 2 Nef 4, etc etc. But this week, Ammon totally got me.  Alma 26, I was like, oh man.  Exactly yes.  My joy is full.  And as to my strength I am weak, but I will glory in my God.  How amazing and the best is He? If this is bragging, yes, I am gonna brag.  Because this is who I am.  I am the daughter of the best Being in the universe, and I WILL glory in Him.  I just feel so grateful and happy :)

We watched Polar Express for our Christmas program.  I had never seen it.  Loved it so much.  With my comp, we decided immediately that I was la negrita, because she was staring awkwardly at the new kid smiling, wanting to be his friend.  And because I am black.  And that she was the main kid.  And then it was hilarious to see how perfectly it fit in like every second.  But really, it was more of really touching than hilarious.  Everthing had more meaning.  I was thinking of how that is with us.  When we decide early on who were are, everything makes so much more sense.  We enjoy everything that happens more.  We are touched by things that maybe we wouldn’t have been touched by otherwise. We end up understanding everything better.  If I had decided at the end that I was that girl, one, it would have been cocky.  And two, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the movie nearly as much, or had the opportunity to feel like God was talking to me throughout.  If we don’t know who we are, we are missing out.  Let us decide who we are.  Right now. Decide that we really are children of God.  

Fabian, Gina and Edgar and Roel, Rosa, Luz and Piero and Jairo, Judith, Fam Gil.  Please pray for them!!!! Thank you!

It is so beautiful to be a missionary right now.  To be trying to give my all to the One who did give all.  I am so grateful for Him. I am just the luckiest person.  I have the best best friend who has ever lived.  He gave everything because He loves me so incredibly much.  I love being His.  Everyone please enjoy this time—I know we have it because Christ wants us to be happy, and to really use what He gave us.  He loves you so much!

Hermana J

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